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SIVECO, named one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing and most innovative eLearning companies

Monday, June 17, 2013
The top of eLearning solutions leading providers is dominated by companies from Great Britain and the Nordic countries. SIVECO is the only company in Central and Eastern Europe ranking in this top

Another Romanian success story comes from Great Britain: SIVECO Romania was nominated within the European top of eLearning providers, EdTech 20. The top brings together the most innovative and dynamic eLearning companies at European level.

Carried out by the education technology company, Edxus Group, and IBIS Capital, a specialist media investment and advisory firm, EdTech20 ranking promotes "best-practices" examples in the field of eLearning.

During the evaluation process, the jury considered criteria such as innovation, market impact, projects scale and the financial performance registered at the end of last year by all European eLearning providers that entered the competition.

"Since 2001, our eLearning solution stood out in the major European, as well as international eLearning competitions. This international, objective appreciation proves the value of our solutions and projects for introducing IT in the education field. Being the only company nominated from Central and Eastern Europe is absolutely remarkable. Basically, apart from a company in Russia, all the nominees originate from Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Island. We obtain thus a very accurate image over the European eLearning market, where our team is competing on equal footing with the most prominent names in the field of eLearning", stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

The EdTech ranking also includes the Irish company ALISON, 10 companies from Great Britain (Brightwave, Classroom Monitor, GCSEPod, Languagelab, Languagenut, Mangahigh, Mendeley, EPIC Learning, Twig World, Virtual College ), 2 companies from Sweden (Coursio, FindCourses), a company from Island (InfoMentor), a Swiss firm (Itycom), 2 Danish companies (Labster, Serious Games Interactive), and a German company (Sofatutor). Besides SIVECO, the only company outside the Northern European area is Dnevnick, from Russia.

While from a geographical point of view the EdTech ranking is obviously dominated by companies from the Nordic countries, which activate on mature and extremely competitive markets, from the point of view of key trends in the education technology space, it highlights new generation software as a service (SaaS), instructional platforms, multimedia content and analytics enabling adaptive learning and testing.

"We have been impressed by the range of innovation from right across Europe in both the academic and corporate learning sectors. While the analysis shows that the ed tech boom in Europe is a reality, it also demonstrates just how fragmented the European market is. Therefore, consolidation in the sector is both necessary and inevitable to foster the emergence of a handful of European ed tech champions able to compete pan-regionally and globally", commented Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Edxus Group’s CEO and co-founder.

The eLearning solutions developed by SIVECO Romania cover an extremely extended area: from creating interactive educational content (over 45,000 learning objects), to developing eLearning platform and educational portals. These are addressed to an extremely various audience: pupils, teachers, students, employees, and decision making factors in the education system, being used by over 25,000 schools in Europe, Middle East, and the countries in CCIS area, North Africa.

In 2005, SIVECO Romania became a reference name on the world map of computer aided learning, with the occasion of the World Summit for Information Society. SIVECO has become then the first company in Romania to receive the First Prize in the eLearning section, and the AeL interactive lessons, available in all schools in Romania, have received the title of "best educational content in the world”, within a competition in which projects from 168 countries competed.

SIVECO Romania solutions contribute to reducing the digital gap and improve the activity of many public institutions, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry for the Information Society, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Ministry of Finances.

SIVECO Romania develops projects with significant social impact, such as those for the National Health Insurance House, the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture, Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries, National Employment Agency, National Customs Authority, Credit Bureau, General Inspectorate of Romanian Police etc.