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The educational system in Morocco uses AeL, the Romanian eLearning solution

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The pilot project of introducing IT in the Moroccan educational system emphasizes the pedagogical component, and has as main objective the modernization of the teaching/learning process. The main beneficiaries are the teachers and pupils from K12. 

During the open demo lesson presented at the  „Othmane Ibn Affane” High school in Casablanca, were discussed the main advantages of using interactive educational resources for developing a modern educational system, as well as the results achieved by the Moroccan pupils and teachers that use de eLearning solution AeL. The event was followed by a debate in which took part more than 90 people: representatives of the Ministry of Education from Morocco and Romania, teachers from the schools that were involved in the pilot project, representatives of the Regional Educational Academy from Casablanca, representatives of the administration from Rabat. 

The eLearning solution AeL leads to the optimization of the teaching process by stimulating the pupils’ creativity and their capacity to ask questions, search for answers and solutions and understand them, as well as to an improved collaboration and teamwork. The endowment of schools with the learning and content management system AeL and with eContent in Arabic represents an important step towards the increase in the efficiency of the pedagogical process in Morocco. More than the interactive educational resources, using them continuously in the class will lead to positive results for pupils. 

 “Focusing on school and pupils, the project of introducing the eLearning solution AeL in the educational system from Morocco has important long term effects, offering teachers as well as pupils real opportunities to work together using the newest educational resources“, declared Florin Ilia, Vice president, Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania. 

By using the eLearning solution AeL, Moroccan teachers have the possibility to customize and create new interactive lessons that better fit their teaching style, becoming in this way more appealing for students.

The Moroccan project aims at increasing pupils’ and teachers’ access to a modern and efficient educational system. Together with the partners involved in this project, SIVECO promotes a teaching process that focuses on the student, while the teachers become their guides through this complex process. 

SIVECO Romania is a renowned company in the IT&C and eLearning domain that received numerous important awards for its solutions and the projects it implemented. By the experience gained during the implementation of numerous major projects, the company directly contributed to the creation and development of the information society.