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eduCreativ – Helping the very young achieve great performance

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bucharest, 1st of June 2007 - eduCreativ continues the suite of exceptional educational products for computer assisted learning developed by SIVECO Romania and AltFactor. The multimedia lessons elaborated by the two partners and currently employed in schools and high schools throughout Romania won the prize for the World’s Best Educational Content in 2005, at the World Summit for Information Society Gala. This successful experience is now put to the best use in the eduCreativ series.

The series made its market debut with three interactive lessons: “Nature’s Tales – The Wonders of the Living World” and “Nature’s Tales – Secrets of the Plants”, Nature Sciences Lessons for the first grade, accompanied by “Operation Mathematics – How Alex Managed to Save Mathematics“, adding and subtracting for the second grade.

eduCreativ turns every lesson into an appealing story, full of things to learn. The test paper is transformed into captivating trials which help the heroes in the lesson weigh the children’s learning performance. With the help of interactive applications, of experiments, cu every single new adventure, children don’t play pretend, they learn through playing.

The main reward is represented by better results in school together with eduCreativ. Designed according to the curriculum, in cooperation with prestigious specialists, the eduCreativ series aims at helping the very young achieve great performance.