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eduVision 2020 Initiative will support the national eLearning project

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bucharest -19th of September The international conference eduVision 2020, was held September 16-17, 2011; the event with over 450 registered participants was attended by 5 ministers out of which 3 incumbent, and aimed at launching the eduVision 2020 Initiative.

The eduVision 2020 Initiative recognizes, supports and commits to the principles and objectives set within the multi-partnership process developed at the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS), as well as those set within the EU Digital Agenda 2020.

During the first day of the event, the presentations focused on highlighting the perspectives of implementing an eLearning system: by the power of example, the case studies from Cyprus, Malta, Azerbaijan and Egypt have brought strong arguments for the efficiency and positive impact of such a system. Further on, the technological solutions currently existing for eLearning have been presented, while a part of these could be explored within the exhibition opened during the event for the participants.

Daniel Funeriu, Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, said: "Increasing the literacy rate is imperative. The school has to come up with milestones, including those regarding ITC, milestones that would help the pupils to discern between useful information and background noise. What could change the image of the entire curricula and entire education is the eLearning platform and the school digital library".

During the second day of the event, the discussion focused on the creation of a national eLearning project. A few case studies presented from countries like Oman, Algeria, Egypt and Serbia have shown again the steps and implementation modalities, but also the success witnessed during the implementation of the local educational system.

Florin Lupescu, main counselor at the European Commission, General Directorate for Information Society and Media, has stated: "The changes in education require a lot of time and a holistic approach. I have presented the members of the European Commission the expertise of SIVECO Romania in implementing the decisions related to education and they were very delighted. Education is the last frontier of the digital revolution. I am confident we will move towards the digital education and a true digital society".

Tatiana Potâng, Vice-minister of education in the Republic of Moldova, has added: "The eduVision 2020 Initiative is a good lesson we have to learn. We have all understood that school has to be on a level with life. The school has to be attractive for our pupils and it will be only when we will succeed integration of technology into all schools in the Republic of Moldova".

"We want to have pupils who are prepared for life and therefore we have to provide them the competences for the new jobs. We are very proud to work with SIVECO Romania which provides us 5,000 interactive learning objects in Arabic. A fine job done by SIVECO Romania is launching a competition among teachers to stimulate them in delivering the best educational content", has declared Dr.Abdalla Al Amiry, counselor at the Education Ministry in the United Arab Emirates.

At the concept level, eduVision 2020 Initiative offers a favorable framework for the better knowledge and dissemination of the strategies successfully applied in the process of increasing efficiency of education by means of ITC, as well as highlighting the bottlenecks encountered and the modalities to overcome them. At the operational level, the Initiative supports pilot projects and large scale extension of those concepts whose implementation has lead to noticeable positive and measurable results, as regards increasing the performance of school education through continuous use of innovative information technologies on large scale.

The eduVision 2020 Conference, the most important event for eLearning and education development in Eastern Europe, has been organized by Agora Group and SIVECO Romania, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Communications and Information Society and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the goal to present the newest trends in the field of education and eLearning, in order to define the best practices as regards using ITC in education and to create a common vision on the future of education worldwide.

The partners supporting the first edition of the Conference eduVision 2020 are Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Oracle, SANAKO, Lenovo, Trend Import Export, Maguay, Samsung, Brief Systems, Litera Digital,, Byblos, Radio România Actualități, Radio România Bucureşti,, The Money Channel, TVR International,,,, Indaco Systems, AgoraNews, IT Trends, Digital Trends, PR Wave, PR Wave Directory and Medialook.