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Efficiency through information technology, for the citizens

Monday, August 23, 2004

Bucharest, August 23, 2004 – The changes in the Romanian economy, the adherence to international bodies reflect also in the labor force sector, where modernization and optimization processes take place.

These changes set a new modern and flexible institution, able to answer new challenges - The Labor National Agency (ANOFM) that co-ordinates and organizes specific recruitment and professional re-orientation with its 42 county agencies and over 180 local agencies.

One of its main objectives was the information technology, which would help rising labor occupation rate and decrease unemployment.

"ANOFM's policy is to deliver services that met our clients’ requests.  We are determined to win and hold our clients’ trust by continuously improving our activity to met their requests. For this we chose SIVECO Romania for they had the most reliable and competitive offer, and the implementation process met our expectations", said Ms. Maria Tufan, Database Department Manager, ANOFM.

The SIVECO Applications integrated system offers support for the whole business process.  The information solution consists in a an ERP package, that covers all the activities of the technical, financial, procurement, accounting and management departments.

The implementation process began with an analysis at the three pilot locations: Olt, Buzau, Galati, as well as the headquarters in Bucharest. During this stage, the SIVECO Romania specialists, together with the beneficiaries established what were the results of the existent system and what future outcome was intended by implementing the new system.

The training included around 200 final users in financial-accounting department, payroll, budget, IT.

Due to the large volume of data, at the headquarters the implementation was deployed gradually: Financial-Accounting, Budgets, Payroll, Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects, Stocks and Procurement, Contracts. The final phase was implementing the Management Information System – SIVECO Business Analyzer.

At the three county pilot agencies the implementation began together with the components designed for the Financial-Accounting, Budgets and Payroll Management.

At the end of January 2004, based on the information collected form the three pilot agencies and the expertise the company started the implementation at the rest of the 38 agencies and headquarters.  At the end of May ANOFM was able to issue the centralized balance sheet for the 41 counties and the headquarters.

"From an institution that dealt mainly with payments for unemployed, the agency transformed into a service supplier for those who are searching for a working place, offering a wide range of services, such as: professional counseling, specialized courses, business startup, advantageous credits for creating new working places," said Dan Tuhar, project responsible, SIVECO Romania.

The collaboration between ANOFM and SIVECO Romania has been and is benefic for both organizations.

By implementing the integrated information system ANOFM improved the activity and the service quality.

For SIVECO Romania, implementing a solution at a client as important as ANOFM is a valuable reference for the company, for the public services sector.

“By providing and implementing latest technology to ANOFM, SIVECO Romania once again proves it is a company concerned with high quality products and services,” said Mrs. Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.

At this moment over 300 companies in Romania and more than 1800 organizations all over the world use SIVECO products and services.