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Efficient and quality management export to Bulgaria

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Following a considerable effort by the team, specialists SIVECO Romania, together with consultants of Latona Bulgaria company, have successfully completed the implementation of projects for the National Health Insurance Fund of Bulgaria - NHIF after they have received the Acceptance from the client. 

Thus, Romania SIVECO its own entry on a new market, showing that it can run with professionalism projects of high caliber and outside the country. Moreover, there is a replication of successful international expertise that has made in the implementation of eHealth projects in Romania.  

The implementation of the NHIF system is a part of the Project "Reform in the healthcare sector", which is financed by the World Bank under a loan agreement with the government of Bulgaria.

NHIF ensures system to improve the quality and efficiency of the management and financing the health sector in Bulgaria.

Thus, guaranteed transparency and rigorous in terms of distribution of financial resources in the health sector, for the benefit of citizens.

Iavorschi Bogdan, head of the project team from SIVECO Romania, said: "This project is the first data export know-how from our Romania. By successfully completing this comprehensive approach IT team SIVECO Romania confirmed its reputation in the field of projects of great complexity, enriched her record with an important international  reference." 

About the NHIF

The objective of this project is the implementation and integration of two interconnected components ? the system for planning and expenditure of financial resources and claim management system. They are assisted by supporting applications. Data provided by the two components are aggregated using a component of OLAP reports that allowing the situation throughout the country. These systems are assisted by applications support.

The first functional component, Kernel 1, represents a standard back-office system, which covers all administrative operations inside the National Health Insurance Fund and its regional departments.  

Kernel 1 is  used for management, accounting and control of budget activities, accounting operations, control and supervision of debts and payments etc. This component manages and controls the resources of NHIF and its regional departments and these activities are carried out in constant communication between the headquarters and departments.

The second component, Kernel 2, represents a claim management system. It generates and control: the registers of healthcare subjects (doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies etc.), registers of health insured persons, of the contracts between healthcare subjects and health insured persons, of drugs. Kernel 2 will supervise the activities of healthcare subjects in order to guarantee quality services for the insured persons and will also guarantee the payments for healthcare subjects from the part of the Fund. Kernel 2 will be also used for the development of forecasts and statistical analyses.

The two core components of the system will be assisted by various supporting applications, which will encompass activities such as internal financial control, medical audit, claim management etc.