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Do you wish to have better employees? SIVECO offers a solution!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

AeL provides efficient online training tools for employees, at affordable costs for every company

Certainly well trained employees determine the success of a company. But have you ever wondered if we can enhance the professionalism and productivity of our employees at smaller costs? Yes, we can, and the solution is one created in Romania, for Romanian companies.

The AeL online training platform, developed by SIVECO, assures employee improvement in a short period of time, at smaller costs. Any employee, no matter his hierarchic level, geographical position or work schedule, can access any course inside the AeL platform. Accessing is easy, and it can be done online. Employees can learn whenever, from wherever, without being forced to come to the training classes or being taken out of production.

“The AeL platform provides support for creating, planning and managing courses. Additionally, AeL includes a course editor, a test editor and one for producing surveys, which allows the creating of specific courses for every company. Thus, you can create your own courses, the ones you need, starting from the organization’s procedures and processes or you could use our specialists’ help. This way, you can significantly reduce the costs of training and can shorten the time from the point of need of training and until the actual making of it”, said Viorel Jigman, AeL Product Manager in SIVECO Romania.

The AeL eLearning platform allows result monitoring – training management and allows an easy development of training materials: courses, tests, surveys. The course editor allows the enclosing of text, picture, video, audio, Flash animations, YouTube clips, Vimeo, Ted type resources or slide-show presentations. Also, the course editor can allow the integration of activities for knowledge improvement, and self-assessment tests.

The AeL platform is embedded natively with the core systems used by most of the companies, such as user management or email.

General Managers or human resources managers can visualize in AeL, at any moment, the overview on the employee training, as well as the professional progress of every employee. Thus, it can analyze objectively the company’s training necessity, as well as plan future courses.

Furthermore, the companies can choose for the use of the AeL platform in the SaaS system, in the cloud, thus only paying the actual usage of the system. Using it in the cloud can lead to a significant decrease of approved costs for employee training and can transform capital costs into operational costs.