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Efficient solutions for data processing in the public administration

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bucharest, 24th of July 2007 – SIVECO Romania and North-West and North-East Regional Development Agencies have started, from the beginning of this year, an intense seminars program dedicated to the presentation of the benefits that informatics software brings to public administration sector.

Entitled “Efficient solutions for data processing in the public administration”, the seminars objective was to present to the persons from the district councils, prefectures and municipal councils from several regions of the country, the benefits that are brought by the informatics solutions to the relation between the citizens and the local public administration institutions.

The most recent seminar from this program took place in Cluj-Napoca, to the event participating both representatives from all the segments of the public administration from Cluj - Napoca, Satu - Mare, Salaj, Bistrita – Nasaud and regional representatives from the connected fields, as well as from the public utilities.

“SIVECO Romania initiative – as the initiator of these seminars – is to present to its guests from both local public administration and public utilities services, its solutions in designing and realizing informatics solutions and the benefits that the public institutions obtained by their implementation. The Romanian public administration requires an ample structural reform, and the using of informatics tools at European standards is a necessity. The public institutions need to have a permanent control of the running activities. SIVECO Romania software solutions dedicated to this sector assure the elimination of redundancies, the alignment to the legislation in place and to European standards, the stabile control and the easy communication, in real time, at all decision levels within the institution and with all public categories”, explains Ovidiu Calin, North-West Director within SIVECO Romania.

During the event in Cluj, there were presented the successful projects implemented by SIVECO Romania in the public administration sector, which allowed the easier distinguishing of the benefits brought by the informatics solutions in the system.

Thus, SIVECO Applications 2010, the new version of the integrated information system developed by the company, specially designed and alignment to the European standards, addresses the Romanian public administration as a highly useful informatics tool in order to gain activities and internal processes efficiency, to assure a superior institution management, at European level.

The workflow and Document Management System, SIVADOC 2010 allows easy management for documents and different versions of them, that in the public administration means increasing the employee’ efficiency and decreasing of the response time to the citizens requests.

From the Business Intelligence tools area, SIVECO Business Analyzer has the function to be an integrator for the information within the public administration, assisting the management in the decision making process, in a specific manner taking into account the features of the public administration.

A distinct theme during the seminar was the eLearning platform, a complete integrated platform, for training and content administration, dedicated to organizations’ training departments and being very easily adaptable to the specific needs of a public institution.    

An institution, which understood that the Romanian citizens need access to improved public services, is Bucharest Public Administration, a successful study case for the informatics solutions’ implementation in the public administration sector and an example to be followed by other institutions within the country.

SIVECO Applications is the integrated information system capable to answer to the demands settled by any Bucharest Public Administration compartments and it assure the accurate, complete and in real-time information for the decision factors. The improvement of the activities at the institution level lead, in the first place, to a better communications with the citizen, this becoming the beneficiary for high quality, transparent and very utile services.

SIVECO solutions have proven, in numerous cases, its utility in the public administration sector, this is the reason why a special section of the seminar was specially addressed to the representatives of this sector, by presenting the benefits that they can gain by using informatics solutions.

“We are glad to find out that the interest, for informatics solution, of the public administration, is increasing, the necessity of the alignment to European standards being more often understood within the entire country, at all levels, district councils, prefectures and municipal councils, not only in the big cities. The bureaucratize decreasing and the civil servants’ labor volume is assured by using an adequate information system, and, specially, adapted to the realities from the Romanian public administration sector. The big number of the public administration representatives to the seminars organized by SIVECO gives us the confidence that we brought an important contribution, through our software solutions and our expertise, to the modernization process of Romanian public administration”, says Viorel Coifan, Business Development Manager for public administration within SIVECO Romania.