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Efficient solutions for processing information in public administration

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bucharest, 31th of January 2007 – Timisoara held the seminar in which was presented SIVECO solutions, which are dedicated to efficiency public institutions. The event gathered around 60 persons from public institutions from 4 districts: Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timisoara. Collegiate environment was represented by Politehnica Timisoara University and Vest University, which are partners with SIVECO Romania in the Academia SIVECO project.  The presence of the educational organizations was motivated by didactic aims but other participants was participating at discussions and approach the presented solutions from a user point of view.

In presence of this dynamic audience SIVECO representatives presented the benefices that offers the solutions to their public institutions and to utilities public services organizations.   They approach descriptions of these applications and it was presented the success stories were this solution was implemented. 

The presentation of implementing SIVECO Application in Bucharest Local Administration was concentrated on the contribution that the system brings to all activities, which allowed a better communications with the citizens; this became the beneficiary for high quality services. Now the SIVECO Application system is implemented in all organization and it is considered as one of the most successful projects in public administration an example that must be followed by other public institutions for modernization of own activities. The solutions offered by SIVECO Romania are very flexible and can be very easy adaptable to the beneficiary business. These solutions offers: efficient management, the automation of data, consistency of the data, obtain very easy and rapid any information.

A separate section of the seminar presents the implementation of SIVADOC (Workflow and Document Management System) in the Bucharest city.

County councils, town halls and prefectures representatives assisted to a demo and see how SIVADOC facilitate work allowing easy management for documents and different versions of them. Using SIVECO solution, request time is decreasing now managers being able to see how the activities are managed. 

SIVECO Business Analyzer is an dynamic tool that offer to management information’s in real time and offer high competitiveness, its function being to integrate information’s from public organizations offer to its beneficiaries complex analysis in a flexible way. 

Another section was AeL – new solutions for continuous education dedicated to public administration. First system developed entirely in Romania, AeL Enterprise, is a complete training platform developed for companies that can be very easy adaptable to the needs of a public institution.    

By questions and free discussions were evidenced the utilities operator needs. SIVECO solutions response to all these needs „Every modern society should have a permanent control to all its activities. The solution is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SIVECO Romania offers utilities suppliers a full solution – a unique data base and an integrated system which through experience assure optimum management of resources, increase of productivity and competitiveness and active orientation on market. Thus the redundancies are eliminated it is assured a stable control and a facile communication in real time to all organizational levels and all public categories”, says Vasile Neacsu, Product Manager and Channel Partner Manager, SIVECO Romania.