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eFinance Awards Gala: An acknowledgement of SIVECO Romania’s performances in 2005

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bucharest, 24 of February 2006 - A traditional event that draws the attention of the entire Romanian business community, the third edition of eFinance Gala Awards announced the winners of 2005. Every year, the event gathers the most representative personalities in IT&C and banking fields, important law and consultancy companies, central and local administration representatives.  

This year awards were given in acknowledgement of the most important activities in Internet banking, e-outsourcing, e-products/services, e-solutions, e-transactions, e-impact and e-people.

At „e-people” category were nominated the people who significantly contributed to the development of banking and IT&C fields, whose activities had generated a major change of perception in these areas.

The winner of 2005 is Irina SOCOL, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

Thanking to all 450 members of SIVECO Romania’s team for this prestigious recognition, Irina Socol reminded the audience the two most important events of the year 2005 for SIVECO: the most important investment in IT field until now -the strategic investment funds Intel Capital and Enterprise Investors and winning first place in the „IT World Championship” for AeL Educational Content (World Summit Award within World Summit for Information Technology, Tunis, November, 2005).

We are very proud that we succeeded to place Romania on an international podium and to draw attention upon the extraordinary potential of Romanian specialists.
We consider that Romanian software industry can be an important element for Romania’s awareness, and in particular, our expertise in eLearning can bring an important image capital for Romania. Last but not least, we are happy that the performances of our team, acknowledged at international level, have also an echo in Romania and I want to thank again Finmedia, for the permanent support provided to local IT&C companies”, said Irina SOCOL.