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The eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania is used in 700 Cypriot schools

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The national educational platform and digital content for 13 subject matters have been implemented within the project

Bucharest, 22nd of June 2010 - The educational project conducted by SIVECO Romania and HS DATA Ltd, through which 700 schools from Cyprus benefit of an integrated eLearning platform and of digital educational content, has been completed. The announcement was made recently by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, during a conference attended by high-level officials from local government institutions, representatives of the consortium for implementation, as well as project beneficiaries.

The project contributes to the development and modernization of the Cypriot education system, by introducing and enhancing the use of information technology in the teaching/learning process, in the pre-university education.

The project consisted in delivering to the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture of an integrated learning and collaboration platform, composed of a suite of educational management and collaboration applications, built and fully integrated with the latest modern technologies. The eLearning solution includes: the AeL learning management system (LMS), which provides support for teaching and learning, testing and evaluation, content management and for monitoring the training and evaluation process, the AeL suite of collaborative applications that allow faster communication and effective knowledge transfer, and the integrated portal based on the Microsoft Learning Gateway solution.

The integrated eLearning platform implemented for pre-university education in Cyprus addresses 130,000 students, 150,000 parents, 20,000 teachers and 20 administrators in 700 schools.

Within the project, educational digital content has been specially designed, localized and implemented in Cypriot schools, with respect for the cultural and educational profile and the curricula.

The educational content delivered in schools covers 13 subjects: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, French, Technology, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Applied Electronics, Building Materials and Construction, Graphical Design, Interior Design, Hotel and Tourism, Carpentry. The digital lessons focus on practical activities, interactive simulations, experiments, all designed to develop the natural curiosity and the applicability of theoretical concepts in a secured virtual environment. The digital lessons have been specially designed to cover all the specific objectives of teaching and learning process for all the 13 subjects.

The solution provided for the Ministry of Education in Cyprus includes a total of 512 DEC (Digital Educational Content) units, totaling 21.000 (RLOs) Learning objects.

Doina Binig, Vice President Strategy & Chief Operating Officer within SIVECO Romania, says: "The SIVECO Romania team - along with its partner HS Data Ltd Cyprus - has managed to carry out a difficult project of national interest and has contributed to the development and modernization of the education system in Cyprus. Through its functionality, the AeL solution offered by SIVECO Romania brings significant benefits to the pre-university educational system in Cyprus, with positive effects on the teaching and learning process. From the perspective of an eLearning solutions supplier, SIVECO Romania constantly contributes to the development of the educational environment, a mandatory requirement of the knowledge-based society. The completion of the project in Cyprus represents another "best practice" example that along with other major educational projects developed by SIVECO Romania in countries worldwide proves the quality and effectiveness of our eLearning solutions".