The electronic prescription will ensure quick and transparent access to medicines for all patients | SIVECO Romania

The electronic prescription will ensure quick and transparent access to medicines for all patients

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Starting from this summer, the Electronic Prescription IT System (SIPE), a National Health Insurance House project financed from non-repayable European funds, will be implemented.
The announcement was made during the first event in Upgrade Romania, a series of debates about the Romanian medical system, titled “The electronic prescription – stepping stone in the modernization of the Romanian health system”, organized by Income Magazine. 
“The electronic prescription was started in February 2012 and is now in the testing phase. The system already passed through 3 functional testing sessions, involving NHIS staff and over 2000 testing cases. Performance testing will be finalized at the end of this month. The system will become functional after specific norms will be published, most probably after 1st July 2012,” said Dragoş Dobran, eHealth department director at SIVECO Romania.
SIVECO Romania, Romanian software company leader, will bring to this project the expertise gained from complex e-Health projects developed already. The company has participated in the computerization of the Romanian and Bulgarian health system and has run eHealth projects in Croatia and France.

Romanian doctors and pharmacists will benefit, through SIPE, of a useful work tool which will facilitate their activity.The system is designed so as to minimize risks for patients, through avoiding errors during prescribing and providing contraindications alerts.
Doctors will manage prescriptions online, assisted by a medical rules (interactions between medicines, contraindications, correlations between diagnostic, age and prescribed medicines etc.) engine.
By working at SIUI (the Unique Integrated IT system for NHIS), we found that there are many ways through which we can control the efficiency with which resources are used. There are situations we need to and we are able to optimize across the entire health system. The change to the electronic prescription will be made gradually, to be completed by the end of this year, so that pharmacists and patients can assimilate changes naturally. We will be there to help pharmacists understand and use this IT tool. All the general rules are the same, with only the environment in which the prescription is generated changing. Moving to an IT-based system is, in fact, an essential aid to the activity of doctors and pharmacists and a huge benefit for patients”, Dragoş Dobran added.