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Employees can learn more in a shorter time

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bucharest, 22th November 2006 – The event “elearning – competitive advantages from employees training”, organized by Finmedia , reunited within Crowne Plaza the main eLearning providers present on the Romanian market. At this event, SIVECO Romania was official partner and presented AeL, the complete eLearning platform, used by important Romanian companies and in our educational system.

The new trends of the Romanian economy reconsider the criteria and the methods that can be used by a company in order to become a competitive one, the efficient training being transformed in a key factor with a great influence on the position and differentiation on the market.

Within the benefits offered by AeL platform can be counted the unitary training and evaluation of the employees, a rational administration of the training resources, the permanent monitoring of trainers and employees performances, flexibility, cutting costs with the employees training, reducing unproductive periods, interactivity and a higher control on the information transmitted to the employee along the training stage. The advantages offered by AeL platform are completed by the numerous benefits brought by the interactive courses, a useful instrument that facilitates the interaction with the communicated information. The trainer is helped to evaluate rapidly and immediately after finalizing the course, the measure of assimilating the notions.

A second, a minute can represent more for the success of a business, of a company. Today, everything is moving with an impressive speed, people, companies and any other institution is searching the right method for obtaining the best results in the best time possible. The employees training is not a process that skips the new trends, the companies searching for methods and training instruments oriented on reducing the period in which the employee leaves the working place to get trained. We offer the companies that are searching for an efficient training method, AeL elearning platform adaptable to the customer necessities, a collaborative module that stimulates the collaboration between the trainees or trainer – trainee communication, interactive courses based on the educational principles ant the implementation services – everything for a complete training in the best time possible“, declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager at SIVECO Romania.