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How to create a working environment where employees get the best results

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Real time analysis of employees’ competencies and their training needs can be pursued more efficiently with the help of a performant IT solution

Part of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud system, Employees’ Performance Management (EPM) IT solution supports managers, HR staff as well as employees within the organization. Using EPM on cloud, personnel data are managed on central level and can be accessed by authorized personnel using a web browser.

The application enables a clear image of the employees’ training and of the way their competencies comply with job’s request. Practically the system covers all aspects on employees’ performance management including computerized procedures, data history access, comparative or statistics analysis generated at users’ request.

The system provides objective information on employees’ involvement level, the manner in which they solve job tasks and if they comply with deadlines for the given tasks. Moreover the system keeps track of the whole online information history placing it at the disposal of authorized users.

Data are processed in real time underlying analysis such as performance evolution in time, the assignment of competencies on competency levels and positions within the organization; labor structure and training necessities.

Not at last, using the IT support provided by EPM application an inspection and evaluation system of personnel’s performance can be created.

Part of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud integrated solution, Employees’ Performance Management IT solution is enabled to run alongside other existent applications in current working environment to simplify bureaucratic procedures and decision making process.

The efficiency of this system is based on SIVECO’s more than two decades expertise in delivering and implementing integrated IT projects for beneficiaries from different industries.

„Human resources represent the most important competitive advantage of a successful company. Well trained employees who know their tasks and fulfill them with professionalism contribute to business growth. Therefore we develop Employees’ Performance Management IT system that helps managers create a working environment in accordance to employees’ competencies”, said Ștefăniță Ghiță, SIVECO Applications 2020 Development Director.