The Energy of the Information Technology Gives Life to the Energetic field | SIVECO Romania

The Energy of the Information Technology Gives Life to the Energetic field

Friday, May 7, 2004

Bucharest, May 7, 2004 - Recently, along with the modernization and computerization processes in the energetic field, Bucharest Business Week organized a round table about the privatization in energetic sectors: oil, gas, and electricity, presenting the most relevant privatization projects of the year and the development perspectives in the industry.

The changing process in energetic fields in European countries is reflected upon our country given the alignment to the European standards and demands. In Romania the process started in 2001, with an increased involvement on the energy national market, with the aim to decentralize and make of the energetic industry a private sector.

This evolution is intensely discussed at national and international events and conferences, in order to ensure an even higher transparency of the decisions made in the energetic field, which is intended to become more efficient and secure.

"Siveco Romania' business philosophy is to emphasize the IT solutions that are most suitable for customers, regarding capabilities and performance/price ratio", declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

Thus, the optimum solution for the customer can be the developing of its own SIVECO Applications solution or implementing the applications package provided by one of the most important IT producers in the world such as ORACLE Applications. The solutions proposed by SIVECO Romania are meant for a various series of industries, and the energetic field is one of the most challenging of them.

Among SIVECO's references in the field there can be mentioned success stories such as SNP Petrom - headquarters and branches, SNP Petrom -PETROBRAZI branch or Transelectrica SA, solutions also presented within "ENERGIZING ROMANIA 2004" event.

"Organizations' information is a major objective and an essential demand taking into account the present competition,, and the data workflow of companies such as Petrobrazi need rigorous control, as well as maximum efficiency in using it" says Petre IORDANESCU, Manager of Oracle Applications department within SIVECO Romania.

For the reorganization of the informatic system at Petrobrazi and Transelectrica there were chosen the modules Oracle Business Suite - a powerful, modern, flexible and integrated solution. Within SIVECO Romania there is a dedicated department for implementing these complex solutions, the members of this department administrate projects such as Petrobrazi and Transelectrica together with our business partner Oracle Romania (as subcontractor)

The objectives of the project implemented at Transelectrica consisted in a working tool for planning and monitoring the usage of the resources of the company, as the integrated information system is a decisional support for an optimized administration of the fixed assets.

"In time SIVECO Romania obtained all the necessary capabilities in order to provide successful IT solutions for important areas of activities such as thermo-energetic power and public utilities", says Sorin DIMOFTE, Manager of Implementation department within SIVECO Romania

As a result, today 16 companies in this field successfully use the solution SIVECO APPLICATIONS integrated package personalized according with the specific requests of these companies. Among the components of the system customized to the specific needs of these companies are: Financial and Accounting Management Component, Maintenance Management Component, Billing Management Component, Litigation Management Component etc.

The companies that benefit from these IT solutions are part of TERMOELECTRICA, ELECTROCENTRALE or subordinated to municipal councils. Among them are: SE MUREȘ Iernut, TERMOFICARE 2000 Pitesti, CET Iasi, TERMOSERV Mures, SE Mintia DEVA, CET Brasov, TERMOCALOR Timisoara, ENET Focsani

Through information technologies all these companies gained immediate advantages and benefits, among which we can mention:

  • Increased productivity for final users
  • Cost-cut for materials
  • More equipment available
  • Activity sincronization
  • Correct managerial decisions

An important success story for SIVECO Romania' portfolio is the system implemented at SNP Petrom, for optimizing internal information communication, creating and maintaining a centralized database to consolidate information from all the branches and headquarters, for monitoring on-line performance indexes.

MOL Romania is another success story, the organization choosing to use SIVECO Applications regardless the fact that the mother-company in Hungary uses another ERP product.

"SIVECO Romania is well known for its total support for its clients, and the data and activity volume, plus the client's requests perfectly mach the capabilities of the ERP solution SIVECO Applications", considers Gabriel Lospa, SIVECO Romania's project manager for SNP PETROM and MOL Romania projects.

"The references mentioned above shows the importance and support that SIVECO Romania is prepared to give to the organizations in this field, the information systems provided by the company already proved their reliability in terms of time and performance", concludes Aurora Crusti, Manager of SIVECO Applications department within SIVECO Romania.