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SIVECO encourages the development of netrepreneurial spirit in schools and high schools

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The European research project ENTREDU stimulates teachers to develop pedagogies, concepts and materials for teaching entrepreneurial a education

Within the research project ENTREDU, developed in the period November 2013 - May 2015, an online platform was developed providing prcatical support to teaching units for teaching the subject of entrepreneurial education in schools and high schools. 

ENTREDU portal represents a warehouse of resources and experiences used by the teaching staff in the moment of teaching the subject of entrepreneurial education. This relevanty information cand be useful for the authorities too, in defining coherent strategies for entrepreneurial education. 

The teachers and education specialists registered in the portal are those providing the educational materials and contribute to the development of content and the online community dedicated to entrepreneurship. 

Strengthening the entrepreneurial education in schools is very useful to the youngsters interested in building their own business. By means of the research project ENTREDU, where SIVECO Romania is partner to, the teachers create educational resources and facilitate the information exchange regarding the process of teaching - learning of entrepreneurial education. Moreover, the members of ENTREDU portal benefit also from the experience of teaching staff’ from other countries, belonging to the European community, being able to access edicational materials developed by them”, has stated Monica Florea, manager of European Project Department within SIVECO Romania.

The ENTREDU project strengthens the link between the developers of curriculum regarding the entrepreneurial education and the practicioners, the latter making available to their colleagues their expertise as trainers and developers of pedagogies, concepts and cross-disciplinary approaches of entrepreneurial education by means of the online platform. 

The ENTREDU portal approaches learning also from the perspective of communication via social networks. In this respect, SIVECO has developed a modeul for social learning (social learning) by means of which the users are sitmulated to actively participate in the development of the online community, thier activity being counted and measured through the use of a system of virtual rewards. Every time a user uploads educational materials, he/she opens discussions or joins groups, he/she receives a number of points. Also, for the first creation of an event, a blog or a community, as well as for adding up the level of competence, the user wins virtual signs/ badges. The virtual points and the badges accumulated by the user will be found in his/her profile, indicating his/her level of expertise.

The consortium responsible for implemneting the ENTREDU project is formed of INTRASOFT International SA - Luxemburg (coordinator), SIVECO Romania, INSEAD - France and Ellinogermaniki Agogi – Greece (partners).