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Environmental data management ensure a better quality of life

Friday, February 19, 2021

90% of Europeans live in cities with harmful levels of air pollution. While smart city solutions can be used to manage health, mobility and pollution, the market is controlled by larger players with proprietary solutions.

SIVECO Romania enrolled its technological capabilities in the development of ESTABLISH (Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of LIfe: Smart Health). The ITEA 3 research project (EUREKA strategic ICT cluster programme) offers a smart city platform composed of a route optimisation mobile app for citizens, a web app for pollution and traffic predictions and simulations and a web app for real-time data visualisation.

The project, which has already concluded, allows each user indoor, outdoor and traffic environment monitoring to observe personal status and therefore to help improve it.

Air quality solutions require real-time data and visualisations for the comprehensive monitoring of domains like infrastructure, health and mobility. The ICT project ESTABLISH has thus implemented a control loop from environmental sensors to a smart platform with third-party interoperability, generating quality of life innovations at both the individual and city level.

For the sensor-to-actuator control loop, for instance, the platform detects e.g. the CO2 level within a building and uses a window opener to offer automatic ventilation. A self-reporting application, meanwhile, was developed to collect indoor air quality perceptions, possible health symptoms, perceived stress, productivity and pupil restlessness.


The pilot study carried in Romania used data from ambient sensors (air quality, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity) and the biometric, physiological and behavioral sensors, (heart rate and respiratory number of steps) to provide patients in clinical rehabilitation/ keeping fit programs with decision support tools related to behavior and treatment options.


The project aims at reducing health costs and supporting vulnerable groups, such as older people or patients. It will also create business opportunities for manufacturers, software developers, health organisations, insurance companies and more, as the technological developments within the project apply to a wide range of new services and products, which are all based on environmental sensors.

The outstanding results of the project and the technologies developed have already been put into practice in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, in air purifiers, and are even applied in smart services to the maritime sector.



More information on the project here: https://projectsites.vtt.fi/sites/ESTABLISH/