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6 things you should consider when choosing a business management system

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Improving the customers’ relationship and increasing their satisfaction are the main advantages of an ERP implementation

Do you know what you have to take into account, when you want to purchase an ERP solution?

Ştefăniţă Ghiţă, development Manager SIVECO Applications 2020, within SIVECO Romania SA, provides 6 criteria you have to apply in order to make the best choice.

Solution. The company’s needs and objectives have to be analyzed and evaluated, and one has to establish the solutions that can best meet these requirements.

Provider. You have to assess the provider’s experience, the implementations he/she has performed and the results achieved. The flexibility and capacity of successfully completing the projects for introducing IT are the main criteria when choosing the provider.

Knowledge on the industry. The software provider has to know the specificity of the field you are active in, that has its own requirements. This way, the solution provided will fit to the field’s particularities, different from other industries.

Costs. A fair price-performance ratio should be reached. It is worth mentioning that not just the price determines the project’s costs, but also the costs of the organizational changes (as introducing IT brings a deep change to the procedures, flows,  and even to the organizational culture), the end users’ effort for assimilating the new tool, the management’s effort for moving to the business management via the system, a.o.

Duration. You have to agree with the provider a realistic implementation term. We recommend a clear setting of responsibilities throughout the project duration both for the Provider and the Customer. 

Maintenance. Special attention has to be granted to the post-implementation technical-support services. It is good to make sure that the provider can provide you technical support when legislative changes do occur, when you need upgrades, or in case the number of users changes etc.

"The investment in Enterprise Application Suite leads to improving customer relationship and increasing their satisfaction. Any competitive business relies on an IT-based system for business management. You just have to be very well informed when choosing one”, says Ştefăniţă Ghiţă.