Have you thought to implement an ERP solution? Is so, it is time to reap the benefits of SIVECO Applications! | SIVECO Romania

Have you thought to implement an ERP solution? Is so, it is time to reap the benefits of SIVECO Applications!

Friday, July 31, 2015

The adoption of proper software solutions at the right time, provides a competitive advantage

Do not let your competitors to surpass you! The solution to stay ahead is at your fingertips and is called ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning.

Choosing an ERP integrated information system is a strategic process that has a decisive impact for any organization. A proper business strategy, along with processes automation, will surely lead to better control over all decisions, streamline operations and improve customer relationships.

Since 1994, over 200 companies from manufacturing, trade, utilities, oil and gas, construction, port operators, transportation or banking fields have chosen to use the ERP system of SIVECO Romania - SIVECO Applications 2020 Project: Cloud - and benefited from streamlining their activities.

From our customers’ experience, the adoption of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2020 meets all expectations: increases the service quality, generates more satisfied customers, boosts sales, reduces costs, simplifies usual procedures, facilitates communication, and generates a superior visibility of the company in the market”, says Lacramioara Barseti, Department Manager SIVECO Applications.

Users benefit of the integration of all business activities and their effective management, business process and specific document flow modeling, decision making efficiency gains through improved access to data of interest, at any time and from any geographic location. Managers can obtain performance indicators and analysis, forecasts and “what-if” scenarios, in order to achieve a common vision throughout the organization.

All data and information is recorded, processed and analyzed properly and quickly, historical data is accessible at all times and operating times are reduced, leading to the ease of secondary tasks and focusing on performing specific tasks.

SIVECO’s implementation team places a special emphasis not only to the implementation and training of users but also to the post-implementation technical support services - whenever legislative changes occur, when upgrades are made or when the number of users is changing.

The value of the ERP solution provided by SIVECO is also certified by the annual IT market studies. Thus, according to International Data Corp (global provider of IT advisory and research), in 2014 SIVECO was among the top providers of business management solutions with a market share of 25.5%, on the first place on the Enterprise Resource Management segment, with 29.8% market share, and on the first place on Business Analytics solutions market with a market share of 19%.