SIVECO supports the eSkills campaign

SIVECO Romania supports the national campaign for digital skills for jobs

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Europe, the number of jobs in the digital sector is growing by more than 100,000 per year – clearly the explosion of technology requires the adoption of a new educational paradigm

eSkills for Jobs 2014

"eSkills for jobs Romania 2014" campaign started in Bucharest, while big players of the industry and educational leaders answered at the call of European Commission.

At the opening conference, the European Commission representative, Andre Richier, Principal Administrator DG Enterprise and Industry, said that "In 15 years from now we will witness the largest global digital gap. The number of young people interested in studying the exact sciences is declining, while the future is digital economy. The demographic boom in Asia in conjunction with declining birth rates in Europe will produce the greatest generation of IT illiterates, with direct effects on the world economy."

The campaign aims to coordinate the collaboration between government, industry, NGOs, universities and high schools to ensure dialogue between parties interested to improve the situation.

SIVECO Romania supports this initiative, considering that also in our country the explosion of technology requires the adoption of a new educational paradigm.

Changing from mass education to personalized education is a first step, followed by the replacement of the "Standard" evaluation based on measuring the amount of knowledge, with complex evaluation methods that target the ability to solve problems and get results as part of a team, not just as an isolated individual.

SIVECO is developing eLearning solutions aimed for replacing "conference" type teaching with research, dialogue and cooperation learning. Collaborative educational tools target ingenious solving problems by using online education and virtual learning environments or by introducing within learning process mechanisms based on social networks, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D technology, games, provided by mobile platforms connected to the web.

SIVECO expertise includes development and implementation of major, nationwide eLearning projects for public institutions such as the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Justice and the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

In addition to providing solutions for internal demands, SIVECO Romania has imposed as an exporter of learning platforms and digital educational content, activities recognized through projects and prestigious international awards. Countries from Europe, CIS, North Africa, Persian Gulf benefit from the export of digital content created in Romania.

The campaign "eSkills for Jobs Romania 2014" includes conferences, training sessions, visits of groups of pupils and students to IT companies, publishing of an e-guide for Internet users, webinars. On European level, 30 states are involved in the campaign.