European Commission adopted a new learning strategy for its staff

European Commission adopted a new learning strategy for its staff

Monday, February 19, 2018

A consortium led by SIVECO Romania will design and develop customised e-learning courses in order to train EC staff on the use of information systems

The European Commission staff of around 32,000 employees have to adapt constantly to evolving economic and political priorities and updated workflows and procedures. The Commission strives to provide its staff with the resources to meet these challenges, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills required to carry out their work effectively, as well as the flexibility required to adapt and respond positively to change.

Recently, a new learning and development strategy for EC staff was adopted based on new ways of learning including informal training and integrating best practices in technology and social media aligned to existing standards.

To achieve its goals, DG HR has selected the consortium composed of SIVECO Romania, SIVECO Belgium and INTRASOFT International to design and develop customised e-learning courses for the Commission and other EU Institutions. The purpose of the TRAINUSER III Framework Contract is to train EC staff on the use of the various information systems that are in use today and that will be launched over the contract duration. Mixed training development, such as blended learning and virtual face-to-face training, will be required to complement the customised e-learning courses.

The courses will be provided for the Commission and EU institutions' staff in the form of face-to-face training and blended courses for the following IT domains: web pages editing, graphics and presentation tools, personal databases, mobile solutions, collaboration tools, security/cyber-security for end-users and any other commonly used tools available on the workstations of the end-users.

The framework contract has a value estimated at 10 million euro and was signed for 4 years.

Florin Ilia, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania, said: “SIVECO has built a strong expertise and a valuable team, able to win and implement contracts for European Commission organizations. We are honoured to be selected as a technological partner and as a coordinator in several important projects that involve the development of complex software systems, with direct benefits to millions of EU citizens. The recent win of the TRAINUSER III Framework Contract proves that we have a reputation for trustworthy software and services provider to the European Commission. SIVECO, along with its partners, has implemented more than 20 projects contracted directly with the European Commission. So far, our company is the only Romanian software provider that managed such a performance.”

The e-learning courses and modules will be integrated into the learning management system (LMS) currently used by the European Commission.

“We are very proud to announce the winning of TRAINUSER III from our newly opened office in Brussels. This contract not only acknowledges that our collaboration with EC organizations is growing steadily based on the high added value of SIVECO IT products and services but also confirms our consolidated position in the European software industry. During last years, participating in a rigorous selection process organized by the European Commission, SIVECO has managed to convince through quality projects, the benefit of the partnerships created and the innovation level of the proposed solutions. Thus, we recently added the European Council and DG Connect with the new customers of our eLearning solution”, added Ștefan Morcov, Managing Director of SIVECO Belgium.

As the leader of the consortium, SIVECO Romania has solid expertise in building national-scale projects of high complexity and a long record of accomplishment in successfully designing, implementing and managing over 3,500 complex projects, for more than 1,700 clients in 27 countries on 4 continents.

SIVECO is the only Romanian software and IT services provider that has signed contracts with central organizations of the European Commission. The company has already been selected by the Publications Office of the European Union, European Aviation Safety Agency, the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA), the Directorate General Justice and Consumers, Eurostat (European Union Institute for Statistics), EuropeAid Cooperation Office, and the European Investment Bank, Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General (DG TAXUD), Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT), Council of Europe.

For these clients, the company has provided integrated solutions, such as the development of financial systems, document and content management, administrative applications, geographical information systems (GIS), web portals and eLearning systems.

INTRASOFT International is a leading provider of IT services to the European Commission, has in-depth expertise in the customs and taxation area, and possesses significant knowledge of the relevant legislation and procedures.