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European partnerships for SIVECO Romania

Monday, March 14, 2005

Bucharest, March 14 2005 – The leader of the Romanian EAS and IT services market, SIVECO Romania, develops continuously its partnership strategy worldwide. In the following month the company will focus on the Central and Eastern Europe, promoting its products and services outside the country and applying the know-how in other parts of the world.

The main objectives for the abroad business strategy are intense promotion of the company’s products and services, increased volume for abroad businesses, presence on more markets, as well as benefits from the know-how accumulated in complex and diverse projects.

In 2004 SIVECO Romania consolidated the relations already set and enlarged the network with new partners in Moldavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain and Central America, building strategic partnerships for some of the new markets.

The main products promoted abroad are the eLearning platform and SIVECO Applications integrated package, together with SIVECO Business Analyzer, a “business intelligence” tool, and SIVABON – management system for the clients with major debt, with a certain risk for the bank services, very useful for the financial-banking sector.

Based on modern education principles, the AeL application is an integrated platform for complete instruction and content management, dedicated for education environment, easily adapted to an organizations’ specific. The system is provided with friendly interface, easy to use, built on a portable platform, accessible on Internet through a browser, with secure access. AeL is designed for computer assisted training (CAL), also for distance learning.

The integrated package SIVECO Applications is entirely developed in Romania, flexible and suitable for the Romanian legislation, with highly customizing features. Gathering 12 years of experience in development and implementation, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed progressively, based on its beneficiaries’ requirements, dealing successfully with the rapid and drastic legal and technological changes on the Romanian and international markets. The integrated feature of the packages’ components is given by the unitary conception used for their development, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, the development environment and the database server, Oracle. The user benefits from the same graphic interface, working styles, information objects. Also the data security is treated the same, as the access rights can be set as detailed as possible.

The Management Information System, SIVECO Business Analyzer, acts like an integrator for the system’s information, and its main advantages are:

  • Supports the decision process in planning monitoring, controlling and forecast activities;
  • Information support for adopting cost controlling strategies and profit growth sources;
  • Synthesis, coherent, consistent and real-time information;
  • Graphic or spreadsheet form analysis, easy to manage and customize.