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European top of IT companies promoting excellence in business

Monday, March 12, 2012

SIVECO Romania has received the most precious trophy in the   European Seal of e-Excellence competition: Platinum Medal.


SIVECO Romania has shun on the  CeBIT podium, Hanover, at the awarding of the prizes for the competition European Seal of e-Excellence 2012, where it has won the Platinum Medal, for its innovative IT products &services and for outstanding marketing and promotion practices.


This recognition on behalf of European Seal of e-Excellence 2012 certifies the worldwide value of any IT provider. We are proud that the software solutions we provide recommend us as one of the most important IT providers in Europe. It is an extra asset for our customers too, who are benefitting of competitive products at international level, evaluated by the specialized bodies, extremely exigent”, has stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.


Winning the Platinum Medal is a great success both for the company and for the Romanian IT industry as well, taking into account the large number of participants this year – 42  finalist companies from 18 participating countries.

The jury was formed of 20 IT specialists, while the winners of the competition were announced during the Awards Gala held on March 6, 2012 in the very epicenter of the digital world, at the CeBIT Fair in Hannover, Germany.


2012 is a special year for European Seal of e-Excellence: its 10th Anniversary. In an ever changing world of information technology, it is a success we are proud of. European Seal of e-Excellence has gradually won recognition and has become a milestone not just for the companies in the digital environment in Europe, in terms of products and services, but in terms of marketing, too. For the first time we have 5 winners from China, out of 42 finalists from 18 participating countries”, has stated Margareta Mazura, EMF General Secretary (Forum for promoting excellence in the digital economy), and organizer of the European Seal of e-Excellence competition.

European Seal of e-Excellence is an international competition which selects and rewards the highest performing companies in the area of information technology, with innovative products and services that outperform in the marketing activity.

Along its 20 years of activity, in SIVECO Romania’s scoreboard have gathered over 140 internal and international prizes for the solutions of eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms and eBusiness implemented in private and public companies on 3 continents.