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The Europeans are interested in the Romanian experience in eLearning

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bucharest, 14th September 2007 – eStrategies, the prestigious magazine edited by British Publishers is one of the most influential European publications in the IT&C industry, and enjoys an impressive audience among researchers, CEOs and European representatives.

The interviews with the most influential personalities, leaders and trendsetters, present impartially, the changes and the evolution of the IT&C industry, emphasizing the innovative solutions that bring value to the community.

“I was honored to accept the invitation of presenting the highly successful case study –SEI (The IT Based Education System). Based on the success we achieved with the eLearning solution AeL and after implementing SEI, we are capable of sharing our experience with other countries interested in introducing interactive solutions in education. First and foremost, the SEI Program brought, increased value for the Romanian education”, declared Stefan Morcov, Line of Business Senior Director with SIVECO Romania.

The editorial about “The success of eLearning in Romania” that was published by the famous British magazine, underlines the positive effect that SEI (a renown international project and the most important Romanian educational project) had on the learning experience, both for pupils and teachers.

A successful case study for Romania, as well as at international level, SEI was built on the same learning principles: the teachers continue to tech pupils in the classroom, but this time the interactive tools allow interaction and increased communication, between teachers and pupils and between pupils. ELearning represents a new way of learning, more open, flexible and accessible. By improving the classical teaching methods, eLearning helps pupils to better understand the processes that a teacher would find extremely difficult to explain using just the chalk and the blackboard.

The eLearning software solutions provided by SIVECO Romania aim at maximizing the pupils’ results and the teachers’ efficiency. SIVECO Romania is already involved in major international projects: it implements the eLearning platform at the American Creativity Academy, an important network of schools in Kuwait, implements a computerized admission project in high schools in Lebanon, also initiated a national eLearning pilot project in Moldavia and develops and implements at the Ministry of Education in United Arab Emirates, a portal that simplifies the communication within the national education system, that will be enriched with AeL lessons.

The consolidation of the company's international reputation, its quality of know-how exporter in the field of e-Learning, as well as the acknowledgement of its specialists' expertise in running large scale IT projects resulted in time in the numerous awards and distinctions received.

Among the most important are the repeated nominations for the ICT Prize, organized annually by the European Council for Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering (Euro -CASE), the “Best Practice” label granted by the European Commission, the “Honorable Mention” at the eEurope Awards for eGovernment, or the nominalization of SEI by the International Association of Project Management (IPMA) among the most important international achievements in project management.

More, starting with 2005 at the World Summit for Information Society, Romania became an important name in the eLearning domain. SIVECO Romania was the first Romanian company to receive the 1st place in this important competition, as recognition of its creativity and the quality of the educational content developed for SEI.

“The presentation of SEI -the Romanian IT Based Education System as a success case in this respected European publication, contributes to the international recognition that this project benefited from. The numerous awards received in time, paid all our efforts, and as I mentioned in the article published in eStrategies, our satisfaction comes from the positive feedback we received from pupils, teachers and parents. We enjoy developing educational projects that bring significant advantages to the society” declared Stefan Morcov – Line of Business Senior Director with SIVECO Romania.

About SEI

The IT based Education system was initiated by the Group for IT Promotion in the spring of 2001.

The SEI Program of reforming the education supports the objectives of the education reform in compliance with the Europe strategy elaborated by the European Community. It is also a part of the European initiative of eLearning.

The SEI program is a complex, long-term program, which involves numerous human and material resources.

About AeL

As an integrated system assisting teachers, pupils and the other participants to the education process, AeL is the backbone of the software applications developed within the program of introducing IT into the Romanian schools. The AeL system was chosen by the MER as a platform for educational content developed within SEI, but it is a product whose educational functions are useful to any education level: university, or the one dedicated to the formation and professional training of personnel.

The AEL system is build based on the modern educational principles, conforming to the three successive phases of the knowledge process: obtaining basis information, developing of tactical thinking, development of strategic thinking.

The didactical support offered for teaching includes interactive guides, exercises, simulations, problem solving, and educational games. The system is based on an electronic knowledge centre, based on manuals, presented in electronic format and with a content exceeding the usual text presentation. It also contains other materials, in various presentation forms, including a variety of multimedia content (video demos, documentaries, step by step presentations, animations). The system aims to integrate both elementary applications and also office, complex simulators in various other fields.

The system also provides facilities in the field of evaluating pupils and assistance for the management and monitoring of performances and activities at the level of school unit and even at the the teaching staff level.