Excellence Award for SIVADOC at Binary 2003 | SIVECO Romania

Excellence Award for SIVADOC at Binary 2003

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Bucharest, 25th September 2003 - The national competition for best software in 2003, which took place during Binary, nominated its winners.     

At software for document management category, the evaluation commission, with Nicolae Ţăpuş, Ph.D., as chairman, offered SIVADOC - documents and workflows management system, the Excellence Award.

SIVADOC is a solution for document flow management that provides companies and institutions solutions for creating, administering and archiving any kind of documents from simple text documents to Microsoft Word documents, email messages, faxes, scanned documents, and also images.

The system offers an integrated work environment for all employees, starting with the coordinators and ending with common users. Due to the security system and the responsibilities defining the mechanism, every employee will be able to work with those documents necessary for fulfilling the assigned obligations.

"This competition allowed us to position our product as compared to the competitor ones. We think the product reached the maturity level where it can successfully compete with any other solution from its category available on the Romanian market and we are happy that the commissions’ evaluation confirmed this reality. Presently SIVADOC is being implemented at Bucharest City Hall" declares Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.


The application is modular and includes seven components:

  • SIVAdmin - for administering the users list and access rights to certain parts of the system;
  • SIVLibrary - in charge with the storing and management of different document types (text documents, images etc.) and their versions, allowing the user to visualize them and to perform different actions;
  • SIVWorkflow - for managing the processes that occur during the performed activities;
  • SIVExchange - provides integration with standard e-mail clients like MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express etc.;
  • SIVNotifier - used for displaying notifications to users on the occurrence of certain events: for example receiving a new e-mail, being assigned a new task;
  • SIVWebServices - provides the possibility to personalize their own workspace by his/her preferences;
  • SIVForum - provides access to discussion lists and forums and, therefore, improves communication within the company and a better access to information.

The system provides a strong security mechanism, based on access rights definition for users granted by the system administrator, depending on their role in the system of users and user groups.

The accessibility is another advantage, taking into account that any user registered in the system and having enough rights can connect from any computer by a Web browser and can work in the system.

By providing easy access to documents and support for workflow organization, SIVADOC makes the companies activities more efficient. The user interface was shaped in an intuitive manner, with additional information related to buttons, with easy accessible and well-defined functions, structured on use levels. The interface shaping is flexible and it only needs a web browser on the users’ machine to function.  

The system layer architecture, allows easy replacement, any moment, of the layer considered inefficient or not updated compared to the latest technologies, with a new, advanced level - this requests minimal modifications in the other layers.  

The system modular feature makes it flexible, easily extendable and adaptable.