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Excellent results at the international contests for the winners of „The chance to become a Champion” competition

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bucharest, 11th of July 2006 – The Romanian Informatics Olympic team participated this month at two major contests: Central European Olympiad in Informatics and Balkan Olympiad in Informatics. .

The Romanian representatives obtained remarkable results, ranking first at this international contests.

At the 13th Edition of CEOI, organized between 1st and 7th of July at Vrsar (Croatia), our team obtained three silver medals (Adrian Vladu – “Tudor Vianu” National College of Bucharest, Tiberiu Lucian Florea – The International Informatics High School of Bucharest and Mircea Pasoi – “I.L. Caragiale” National College ofPloiesti) and one bronze medal( Adrian Diaconu – “Tudor Vianu” National College ofBucharest ). Within this contest participated over 28 students representing seven countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Deutschland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. According with the contest regulations, each state could subscribe a team formed by maximum 4 students that have under 19 years old.

The CEOI performances are doubled by the exceptional results obtained by the Romanian students at the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics.

Within this contest participated four Romanian students, that succeeded to obtain two silver medals (Alexandru Dimitriu –“Mihai Viteazu”National College, Ploiesti and Mihai Ciucu – Stefan Odobleja High School, Craiova) and two bronze medals ( Dan Spatarel – “Grigore Moisil” High School Bucharest and Codrut Grosu – “Tudor Vianu” National College, Bucharest). 

The Romanian representatives at these contests recognized that an important element for their success was the training offered by the SIVECO’s “The chance to become a Champion”, a competition organized for the Informatics passionate.  A real training stage for our Olympics, the contest reunites every year the best students at this discipline, the results anticipating the future evolution in international contests.

Within “The chance to become a Champion”, we wanted to offer equal acces for all pupils to an excellent training in computer science, to stimulate their passion for this domain and it seems we have succeeded. Between 2003-2006, best young youngsters from all over Romania worked hard and proved their proficiency in competitions. The results of  “The chance to become a Champion” finalists at national and international competitions proves it. SIVECO Romania’s competitions prove to be an excellent way to train the young students for the future national and international competitions, they gain the necessary experience to participate in such contests ”, declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.