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Exceptional SIVECO Romania position on the local software market in 2001

Monday, October 14, 2002

Bucharest, 14th October 2002 - In the IX-th edition of the Bucharest Top of Firms - 2001, drawn by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and of Bucharest, Siveco Romania ranked first in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the IT sector.

With 542.23 points (40% higher than the 390.76 points of the second ranking competitor and almost twice as mush as the third's 285.27 points), Siveco cleary outranked its rivals.

Its productivity is higher than any other company's in this category (ROL 3,018.6 M/employee, some 77% higher than the second-ranking firm, which had ROL 1,706 M/employee) and one of the highest in this sector of activity.

When corroborating this classification with the conclusions of ITC's annual market study that was recently made public, SIVECO Romania emerges as belonging to the group of Romania's strongest software and service providing companies.

ITC's analyses are based on aggregating data from financial reports filed by companies, which are registered under the CAEN codes 72 - "IT and connected activities" and 30 - "Production of computing and office equipment".

If one takes into consideration the turnover achieved from software production (packages), the performances of SIVECO Romania in the year 2001 place it on the first position, while in the general classification it is outperformed only by companies whose turnover also includes hardware distribution and integration of IT solutions.

Mircea Vuici, the coordinator of the study made by ITC, appreciates Siveco ranges among the companies with the highest turnover growth rates last year - 70% (reaching $6.648 M).

With a sold production of $5.812 M, the company registered in 2001 a boost both in quality and quantity. The quantum of added value ($2.307 M) gives the measure of the company's contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is also a valuable indicator that positions SIVECO Romania on a front seat in the domestic IT market.