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The first computer assisted teleschool for High-school graduation exam 2004

Friday, April 23, 2004

Bucharest, 23rd April 2004 - The major interest shown by the public opinion in the IT - Based Educational program (SEI) triggered the media attention. Thus, the Romanian Television, assuming its role in the public services, the mission of producing and broadcasting shows covering all areas of the Romanian reality, focusing on the educational and IT literacy needs of the population, decided to produce a teleschool show, entirely dedicated to computer assisted learning (the first initiative of this kind in our country), suggestively named "Lesson for the future".

Taking into account the exclusively educational feature of the SEI program, which addresses a large audience, made up by all stakeholders to the educational system (pupils, teachers, parents, companies, governmental and non - governmental institutions - the Romanian society as a whole), as well as the strongly positive impact, both national and international on the quality of our learning system, the "Lesson for the future" teleschool is produced by TVR2, a channel with strong educational orientation. The 13 editions will be broadcasted weekly until July, on Mondays from 13:00 to 14:00, so that they can be watched by pupils who are preparing themselves for the high schools graduation exam.

The pilot show, broadcasted on the 19th of April was dedicated to a general presentation of the SEI program, and benefited from the presence of those who made this ambitious project possible, as an important leverage of the undergraduate learning system reform: Alexandru Athanasiu (Education and Research Minister), Dan Nica (Communications and Information Technology Minister), Irinel Ioana Chiran (Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research), Traian Ionescu (SEI Program Manager), Irina Socol (General Manager SIVECO Romania), Mihai Guran (Project Manager România), local educational authorities, teachers and principles of the important high schools from Bucharest and the rest of the country, winners of the SIVECO CUP 2003.

In a total transparency spirit which characterized the SEI program from its very start, this broadcasted debate, moderated by Melania Mandas Vergu (Youth-Education Department Manager at "Adevarul") showed the present stage of the project.

Approved by the Group for IT Promotion within the Romanian Government in May 2001 and initially named "Project for alternative computer assisted learning education in the Romanian undergraduate system, using IT labs", SEI benefits from a 200 mil USD budget, while the deadline for implementation is end of 2004.

On this occasion, it was reinforced that SEI is the first coherent and consequent Romanian education governmental reform project, first by the sustained effort of meeting the deadlines ad reaching the goals for each stage.

Currently, three stages were completed, with the following concrete results:

  • IT platforms endowment of 1220 high schools;
  • Training the professorial core in the 1220 high schools;
  • Delivery of more than 250 eLessons on the AEL software platform for various study disciplines.

The objectives of the stage started at the end of 2003 are:

  • Continuing the endowment with IT platforms for 290 schools including vocational and special schools;
  • Developing and installing other 312 eLessons;
  • Developing a national examination system, made up by 550 exam centers, for high school graduation exams, national tests;
  • Starting a core of the national education database.

The debate also reached sensitive issues, such as the lack of system administrator in schools, the need of stronger involvement of school principles in holding eClasses in the AEL lab, the insufficient promotion of the program at national level, while its recognition at international level is excellent. SEI was considered an excellent e-government program in 2001 at Bruxelles, where it was awarded the "Best Practice" label, at World Educational Market Lisbone 2002 and 2003, at ONLINE EDUCA Berlin 2003, where educational specialists highly appreciated it, or recently in Bucharest, by great figures of the IT field (as Georges Metakides) UNESCO specialists who praised the educational value of the program.

In each of the 12 broadcasted shows that follows, a computer aided lesson on the AEL platform developed by SIVECO Romania will be presented in the mini-lab organized in the TVR studio, with the help of pupils and teachers from Bucharest's high schools.

These shows will be real tele-tutorials for the soon to come physics, mathematics, informatics, geography, history and chemistry within the national high school graduation exams.

The national computerized exams (high school admission, computerized distribution of the teacher admitted upon the nomination exam for vacant teacher positions, high school graduation exam) are in permanent view of the show producers, as well as their schedule, tips and steps to be taken for successfully passing them; all these tips&tricks will be broadcasted during the next 12 shows.