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The first IT based High School Graduation Exam

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bucharest, July 14th 2004 - After the high school admission and distribution and IT based teachers' nomination on the available positions, the Ministry of Education and Research managed a new premiere for the Romanian education: centralization and web publishing of the results in real time.

The code name application BAC 2004 consisting of two modules-high school module and exam centre- was developed by SIVECO Romania and worked at its best, making possible the fast collection of data from candidates in 1407 high schools all over the country (personal data, exam subjects, primary grades, and after-appeal grades.

Results' publishing on, a sub-site of the SEI portal ( started early in the morning of July 5th, according to the methodology, and continued to be updated until appeals' solving and final grades announcements.

The IT based High School Graduation exam was technically managed by a mixed team, made up by representatives from the Ministry of Education and Research and SIVECO Romania.

After a deep analysis of the requests and technical needs which lasted for more than a month and a half, the SIVECO Romania team started the software development process, followed by testing in 16 counties all over the country and customization upon the users' requests.

The software solution was technically tested on the occasion of two simulations, held one in May and the other one in June, when the last changes were performed.

Apart from the data collecting application design, the BAC 2004 project implied tremendous logistic efforts: connecting to broad band Internet over 200 High schools, permanent check up of the connections, and spare Internet connections (dial-up).

The examination Centers were connected to the RoEduNet network with the help of the communications suppliers Romanian Data Systems and Astral Telecom.

An important role in the IT Based High School Graduation Exam was played by operators' training a process which took place in stages: training the personnel in the County Education Administration who than trained the secretaries in high school for data collection, and at least one operator in each examination centre.

"More than 660 operators in 584 centers were in direct and permanent contact with the Data Centre located at the Ministry of Education, for data import from the 1407 high school and than export into the main server", stated Prof. Traian IONESCU, the IT Based Educational System Manager in the Ministry of Education and Research.