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First time ever, Romanian Internet governed by the educational web sites

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bucharest, 10th July 2007 - The Portal initiated by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth in collaboration with SIVECO Romania specialists has reached one of its main objectives assumed when the extensive program for introducing IT into the Romanian education system was launched. It deals with creating the most important data source available online, that would offer reliable, correct and real time updated information to all those interested in the education phenomenon in Romania.

With over 2.5 million visitors in the last 30 days, occupies, according to the traffic statistics, the first position not only in the education category, but also ranks first as top most visited web site in Romania., the web site of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, which has on its home page links to the main sub-websites of the SEI portal, registered in the past days a record number of visitors, ranking third for all categories, according to

Thus, as a premiere, the Romanian internet is dominated by educational web sites, placed on top and ranking third.

A record number of visitors for a single day were registered on 07.07.2007: 283,528 persons.

Thus, 2007 is the first year when the interest for education and the teaching process of the Romanian Internet users, surpassed the “appetite” for the online press, sports information or recruiting announcements.

Romanians’ interest for the educational field witnesses a spectacular surge not just during the National Exams. Having already over 100,000 registered users, the forum of the SEI portal is the most likely meeting place of all those involved in the Romanian education system.

The annual number of portal’s visitors grew year after year, users being already used to finding out in one place, on the, various quality information, always updated on education.

The SIVECO Romania team of specialists, as well as the collaborators involved in the supervising and administration of encourage an open dialogue, always maintaining a high level of the discussions, necessary for a representative space for the Romanian education.

The high expectations that users of the SEI portal have, stimulates us to be more and more efficient in finding the optimal ways to provide them with quality information, continuously updated. The entire specialists team involved in the centralization of the results obtained by candidates that have attended the Baccalaureate Exam and the National Examinations, have made great efforts in order to strictly respect the deadlines, the methodology and the calendar set for the national exams”, said Otto Zelch, Line of Business Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The millions of visitors that have accessed in the past month demonstrate that education remains an important milestone for the value system of nowadays Romania.