The first visit to Romania of an United Arab Emirates official business delegation | SIVECO Romania

The first visit to Romania of an United Arab Emirates official business delegation

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Bucharest, 1st of June 2006 – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest and SIVECO Romania organized an Arab-Romanian business reunion aiming to evaluate the opportunities to enhance economic and commercial cooperation between Romania and United Arab Emirates. Part of the UAE delegation were the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubai, the president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ajman, General Manager of Jebel Ali Free Zone, Manager of Dubai Governmental Tourism Department, representatives of Arab oil, petro-chemistry, textile, industrial equipments companies etc.    

SIVECO Romania was invited to participate at this meeting as it is the most representative and successful Romanian company in domains of maximum interest for the Middle East:  eLearning, eHealth, eBusiness”, says  Irina SOCOL, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

We are highly appreciated because of our capability to penetrate and successfully compete on external market based on our experience in complex national projects such as Constanta Sea Harbor Administration and PETROM, as well as for the important acknowledgements obtained at prestigious international competitions: first place in the “IT World Championship” (World Summit for Information Society) in Tunis.”  

The eLearning projects developped by SIVECO Romania Proiectele de eLearning placed Romania among the elites of the educational software providers, thus contributing to the country’s awareness, increasing Romanian software industry prestige and of the Romanian IT specialists in the world.

The Government of UAE and the management of Dubai and Ajman Chambers of Commerce considers that though the business relationships and commercial exchange between the two countries come a long way, does not reflect the real potential and the common interests of the two countries. In 2004, the economic exchanges were estimated at 60 million USD.

It is said that the economic dynamics of the UAE zone, Romania’s adhesion to the EU, and the economic potential of the two countries has to be reflected in a significant increase of the economic and commercial exchanges between the two countries.

UAE initiated an economic development policy of the region that offered facilities, which enabled the increase of foreign direct investment and attracted more and more national and multinational companies to do business in the region.

Following this policy over 3000 companies from the Gulf area and international companies opened subsidiaries in the two free zones: Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai International Airport Free Zone.

Dedicated exhibitions for promoting the business were opened. All these led to the implementation of a modern infrastructure of services sustaining business development. A special attention was paid to education and specialist’s training. Universities and training centers were opened in order to be able to sustain the rithm of economic development and keep the zone attractive for foreign direct investments.   

There is a major interest for attracting and sustaining the development of high technology domain, as well as for ensuring a high competitiveness by providing a modern communication infrastructure, applications and IT services.