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Flacăra Awards 2003 - milestones with artistic and human value

Friday, June 20, 2003

Bucharest, 20th June, 2003 - At National Military Gallery Flacara Awards 2003 winners were paid, last night, the homage for their important achievements in the following fields: 

  • literature - Horia-Roman Patapievici,
  • theatre and film - Dan Puric,
  • music - Alexandru Tomescu,
  • art - Vasile Chinschi,
  • science - Dan Berindei,
  • journalism  - Cornel Nistorescu,
  • management - Elena Petculescu,
  • sport - Marius Urzică.

Flacăra Great Award was offered to Victor Rebengiuc, one of the most remarkable personalities in Romanian theatre and social life; the great actor declared: "being yourself, telling the truth, is an effort for which no risk is great enough".

SIVECO Romania was delighted to answer the organizers’ invitation to support this Gala edition; the company fulfills thus its mission towards the citizens, by involving not only in the economical life, but also in the social and cultural life of the community it is part of. Such action is not the only one the company is involved in and it is a form to express its solidarity with other partners involved in the development of fields which are just as important as the economy for Romanian society: the educational process, the cultural life, the health system.

"Flacăra Awards are meant to show some of our great personalities that the Romanian society values them - gratitude is often such a rare thing and that’s precisely why it has to be stimulated", declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.

"The fields the awards take into account, always the same, reflect the reality of the moment; that’s why significant names for the scientific, cultural, sport and journalistic life of the past few years are to be found in the laureates gallery", SOCOL continues. 

Flacăra Awards

 "Flacăra Awards - Romania" Foundation, created in 1997, is to initiate and support identification, emphasis, reward and promotion activities for those who have important achievements in the Romanian cultural, scientific, artistic and sport life.

By the nature if its status the foundation offers awards for achievements in the following fields: literature, theatre, film, science, art, music, management, journalism, sport. A person can be offered the awards only once - the award consists in diplomas and money.

The foundation has been offering the Great Award to the Romania’s most remarkable personality since 1998. 

The jury is made up of members of the Foundation, Flacăra reporters and collaborators.  

Among the winners of the last three editions there can be mentioned: Ion Irimescu, Nicolae Balotă, King Michael Ist (The Great Award), Constantin Ţoiu, Dan Stanca, Gellu Naum (literature), Radu Beligan, Mihai Mănuţiu, Marcel iureş (theatre and film), Şerban Lupu, Valentin Gheorghiu, Johnny Răducanu (music), Marcel Chirnoagă, Mircea Spătaru, Sorin Dumitrescu (art), Şerban Brădişteanu, Editura Cartier, Irinel Popescu (science), Dumitru Tinu, Tia Şerbănescu, Sorin Roşca Stănescu (journalism), Mihai Gherman, Marian Alecu, Paul Booth (management), Cristian Chivu, Ionela Ţârlea, Gabriela Szabo (sport).