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Flacara Awards, 2004 edition - human and artistic value guiding marks

Friday, July 23, 2004

Bucharest, July 23, 2004 - The Flacara Awards 2003 winners were rendered homage in the sumptuous atmosphere of the Auditorium Hall of National Art Muzeum, for their important achievements in the following areas:

  • Literature - Horia-Dan C. Mihăilescu, the fellow man who brings us the books’ universe
  • Film and theatre - Alexandru Tocilescu, the distinguished master of the theatre / one of the theater’s titans
  • Music - Iosif Conta, who turned the baton into a magic instrument
  • Plastic arts - Spiru Vergulescu, the creator of refuges for light and shadow
  • Journalism - Cristian Tudor Popescu, practician of the aggressive truth
  • Management - Alexandru Aposteanu, who built its businesses with heart
  • Sports - Marian Drăgulescu, an individual compound European.

The Flacara Award was awarded to the historian Neagu Djuvara, „guide light for the soul’s aristocracy”, major personality of the Romanian culture, who said that: „There are no miracles in history ... but could be wonderful moments... I wish God for life days that I could see that also our country is redeeming”. “ I want God to let me see my country redeeming itself…”

Answering pat again this year to the call of the Flacara Awards Ceremony organizers to support the oldest and the most well-known awards in the Romanian press, SIVECO Romania expresses its solidarity with the partners involved in the development of other domains as important for the Romanian society as economy like: educational system, cultural life and health.

„The Flacara Awards tradition shows that the Romanians know how to value and honor the exceptional people. It is a real holiday for the Romanian spirituality and we are deeply honored to express our gratitude for our fellow citizens that show the world the real face of Romania”, says Irina Socol, general manager at SIVECO Romania.

“The number of areas, somehow limited, always the same, represents a picture for the moment and, until now, the laureates gallery has gathered the most significant names for the cultural, sportive, journalistic life in the last years” adds Ms. Socol.