Can the utility consumption be reduced? Yes, the Flexmeter research project may show you how! | SIVECO Romania

Can the utility consumption be reduced? Yes, the Flexmeter research project may show you how!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Within the project a prototype for smart metering of energy will be developed

Between January 2015 and December 2017, SIVECO Romania will be a partner in the “Flexmeter - Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers” research project, financed through the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020, within the H2020-LCE-2014-3 call.

The FLEXMETER consortium, led by Politecnico di Torino (Polito), is composed of five industrial companies (Iren Energia, Telecom Italia Group, SIVECO, STMicroelectronics, EON), a research institute (Joint Research Centre – Institute for Energy and Transport) and five universities (Polito-Torino, Grenoble Institute of Technology, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, RAWTH Aachen University, The University of Bologna).

The FLEXMETER project will be developed in five countries: Italy, Germany, France, Sweden and Romania.

The objective of this research project is the development of a solution that integrates processes and displays the data collected by a system of smart meters placed at the consumer level, but also at distribution utility stations to consumers, with the purpose of recording the consumption of water, gas and electricity.

Within this project SIVECO Romania will develop a web application through which the consumers, but also utility providers, will have access to the following information:

  1. Real time consumption monitoring
  2. Submission of information on historical data on consumption of utilities
  3. Predicting consumption for the next period
  4. Real-time notification of problems occurred by SMS
  5. Real-time monitoring of overloading the distribution system for each type of utility, which will allow timely intervention in the event of a problem
  6. Detection of energy loss
  7. Statistical analysis of the energy consumption.

Data will be obtained in the project through 2.000 smart meters and 200 concentrators in the two experimental pilots in Torino (Italy) and Malmo (Sweden).

“Consumer and local producers (“prosumers”) groups have an increasingly important role on the energy market. To answer their demands, even if we refer to electricity, gas or heating power, the current distribution networks will have to transform themselves in bidirectional systems that provide services for consumers as well as for utility suppliers”, says Monica Florea, Director of European Projects, SIVECO Romania.