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FREE webinar on how to successfully integrate the Millenials into the organization

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

They are called Millenials, Generation Y or Generation 'Why?'. Because they have strong competencies distinguishing them from previous generations. You can learn "How to motivate and instruct the digital generation", by participating in the FREE webinar on 17th November, organized on platform

They have up to 30 years. In less than a decade, they will be the decision makers in most companies. Their culture strongly differs from that of previous generations, and sociologists say today’s young people will change the current working pattern. Now, however, they are considered the most "fluid" employees that labor environment has faced so far. They have high expectations from the people around them, from companies and brands, they want the managers to be open to their suggestions and to meet their needs, enabling them to work according to a timetable fixed by themselves and giving them the opportunity to create their own job description. They decide to leave a job, no matter how well paid, for the nicer one where they would feel good, appreciated and valued. But despite the selfconfidence often displayed, most of them lack the basic skills required in the working environment and also the emotional robustness, while they are not truly independent.

For employers, the questions "How do we motivate young people?", "How do we make them become productive?" and "How to lead this generation?” are important concerns.

To meet these real needs of both employers and employees, two specialists join their forces to expose the most effective ways to attract and lead the today’s youth, in the free webinar "How to motivate and instruct the digital generation?" on 17th November at 3 PM, hosted by, the AeL platform developed by SIVECO Romania. The webinar will be held exclusively in Romanian.

Madalina Balan, an expert in organizational psychology at Hart Consulting, speaks during the webinar about an extensive study on the psychology of digital generation, conducted by Hart Consulting together with SNSPA, Department of Management, coordinated by Ms Dean Prof. dr. Florina Pînzaru, the local market partner of HOGAN Assessments, talent management and leadership development consulting company. This study becomes available at webinar registration.

Within the same webinar, Viorel Jigman, Manager of AeL department within SIVECO Romania, addresses "blended learning" solutions for training the employees, focusing on the most effective methods for attracting and motivating Millenials young generation.

„Digital youth want to be able to work independently on projects that are intellectually challenging them, because the routine wearies and discourages them. They can also work as a team better than any other generation. That is exactly where the blended learning technique for training the employees comes upfront, as a well-studied combination between traditional learning in the classroom, instructor-centered, and modern tools of eLearning, student centered”, Viorel Jigman declares.

A certain advantage of the AeL platform is that it enables individual learning, so each employee can go through the course at its own pace, while dedicating the time he or she needs to learn certain skills. Employees can communicate with the instructor and classmates through the forum dedicated to the respective course and can ask questions and learn from the posted answers.

„Millennials are considered "digital natives", unlike the so-called "digital immigrants", the representatives of those generations who did not have at their disposal, at early age, the technological devices and who are now integrating those tools in daily activities, yet without considering them to be indispensable. Millennial youth are found in the midst of this permanent informational current that alter their aspirations, needs, behaviors”, the psychologist Madalina Balan declares.

Online courses are recommended to be continued through open workshops in which the participants who have already mastered basic skills by going through the course, can further interact with specialists, ask questions and can extend therefore the knowledge on the area addressed in the course.

This method of combining individual study in the online environment, with open workshops delivered by experts, is especially recommended for Y Generation. The scientific study conducted by Hart Consulting revealed that Millennials are more sociable than their older generations; they have increased curiosity, they are creative, open and have a clear vision of the future. By contrast, they are too little pragmatic. But they can learn to be responsible, effective and can be successfully integrated in the organization. How? Watch the webinar on 17th of November, on