Geographical information systems enhance Utility providers | SIVECO Romania

Geographical information systems enhance Utility providers

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SIVECO Romania addressed to diversify its offer to utility providers by developing GIS-enabled (geographic information system) solutions.

By integrating digital maps with already existing company data, GIS provides a new dimension to legacy Enterprise Information Systems. Thus, the customer has access to digital maps that support complex planning activities and the enhancing of the quality of the services offered to clients.

Victor Chivu, Competencies GIS Center Manager in the SIVECO Romania, said: "By definition, utility providers have to manage geographically diverse assets (electric wires, gas pipelines, telecom equipment or wastewater infrastructure). GIS provides the possibility of modeling networks, allowing for fast and accurate operational decisions.

GIS solutions from SIVECO are implemented in companies operating in several utility sectors: Heating companies in Braila, Constanta, Mures, Paroseni, Borzesti, Galati, Deva, Brasov, Bacau, Iasi; Water - Water Jiu Valley, Foradex; Electricity - Transelectrica, Teletrans, Electrica Muntenia Nord; General sanitation - Urban; Gas - Congaz, Gas South. GIS solutions from SIVECO can be applied successfully in the improvement of decision-making processes for:  

  • Administration (land, planning, emergency management, environmental management, management of city development, land management, etc.);
  • Banks (market analysis, customer analysis, marketing niche, monitoring the performance of branches, resource management, tracking online availability of money in ATMs, car fleet management);
  • Large retailers (point of sale location, market analysis, optimize distribution routes);
  • Insurance companies (address validation, determining rates, price calculation, processing policies, customer analysis, the location of the agents, management and evaluation of campaigns).
  • GIS solutions developed by SIVECO Romania offer significant benefits to users through better data organization, data redundancy elimination, facilitating updates - all to increase the productivity of users.

"GIS is a modern solution to support managers who want a greater control over operations, providing them with accurate and relevant information," added Victor Chivu.