SIVECO eLearning solutions present at the largest educational exhibition in the Persian Gulf | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO eLearning solutions present at the largest educational exhibition in the Persian Gulf

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In early March, the Romanian specialists from SIVECO attended GESS Dubai, alongside the biggest providers of educational solutions in the world

Between the 4th of March to the 6th of March 2014, SIVECO Romania participated at the seventh edition of the most important educational event in the Gulf, GESS Educational Supplies and Solutions Dubai, dedicated to promote new technologies in education and interactions between the main suppliers of educational solutions worldwide. The educational exhibition had 300 exhibitors and 6,000 education professionals. For the first time, experts in educational software from the United States and Finland attended too. These are listed as the countries with the highest development education systems in the world.

SIVECO Romania, regional software leader, showed at the stand the last innovations in education technology: applications for multi-touch - type technologies, Aviation History Content in Arabic language and Renewable Energy Applications in English, applications for Augmented Reality technology as well as interactive multimedia content designed to run on any type of platform, developed within the projects that the company has conducted in the United Arab Emirates.

Applications made ​​for multi-touch and Augmented Reality technologies support the collaboration between students and teachers, engage students in group activities, motivate them to experiment, making the transition from retention based learning to the one based on discovery and knowledge development.

Visitors of the exhibition were excited to test these applications, appreciating them for the high degree of innovation and interactivity.

In the same time, over a period of three days, the SIVECO team organized the workshop "Smart Learning Tools for Smart People" dedicated to teachers and students from United Arab Emirates.

"We are proud that SIVECO Romania is the leading content provider of the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates, contributing to the modernization of the national education system", said Alexander Cosbuc, Deputy Vice-President International Sales, SIVECO Romania.

Within the workshop, the team presented the results achieved so far within the project and a virtual library management application - Electronic Library Management Application (ELMA) - a tool that can browse digital content based on CLASS-TEACHING LINES-CHAPTER-SUBCHAPTER, leveraging content catalogs issuance.

The main attraction of the workshop were the simulations in which teachers and students have experienced with enthusiasm the use of tablets in a collaborative and interactive learning environment. The workshop demonstrated that the use of the new technologies and applications place student in the center of the learning experience, providing the necessary tools to build his own knowledge, while the teacher becomes a facilitator of this experience.

The enthusiasm and involvement of participants at this event confirmed that the Gulf area is hosting a community with a growing appetite for advanced technologies and products dedicated to education.                                                                

SIVECO Romania is a permanent presence in the Gulf area, successfully implementing national projects to modernize the education system in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, as well as in countries from Europe, North Africa and CIS region.