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On the Good Use of Democracy in a modern society

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bucharest, 28th of November 2006 - Recently, “George Cosbuc" National College” hosted the conference "Is Democracy a Piece of Luxury?", an event that marked the launching of the civic conferences project “On the Good Use of Democracy", that will take place between November 2006 – June 2007.

The project uphold by the SIVECO Romania, Ratiu Foundation and company Selenis is intended to recover the schooling system as an opened space of the civil society by conferences and high-school public debates, aiming to familiarize the scholars with the debate concept and to teach them to sustain their point of view with arguments and contra arguments. 

The project initiated by The Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR), together with Pro-Democracy Association and newspaper Cotidianul, started as consequence to the belief that a society can not be truly democratic without public debates. On this occasion the organizers’ are inviting the representatives of the civil society and Romanian schools at the conferences organized in 10 Romanian cities in a common effort of solidarity between the schooling system and the civil society. This conference offered to the company SIVECO Romania a perfect opportunity to restate its support offered for the revealing and sustenance of democratic values  

We sustain democratic values, we involve actively in the life of society contributing by innovation and modern technologies to the educational process.  That’s why we stared and we support many educational initiatives intended to improve the quality of training, to stimulate interest and the participation of all involved in the formation of the young generation as an active element of the social life, declares Mrs. Irina Socol, General Manager SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO encouraged and promoted constantly the education based on modern principles and a permanent dialog between teachers and scholars. The support offered to the ARDOR project represents the materialization of SIVECO’s role in the educational and civil society sphere.

The event "Is Democracy a Piece of Luxury?” integrates perfectly with the company objectives concerning the motivation of the youngsters to actively involve in the educational process, but also in what regards the chance given to each youngster to demonstrate its civic and democratic abilities

As a matter of fact, one of the most successful projects of SIVECO Romania is SEI (The Computerized Educational System) dedicated to improve the high school teaching/learning process by modern information tools, compatible with world wide educational systems

AeL lessons are exceptional tools that promote an approach centered on the student, offering in the same time large flexibility in what regards the organizational activities and the teaching aids administrated. Ael multimedia lessons were created as a complementary tool for the classical teaching/learning process, offering to the teacher/trainer the possibility to transmit, motivate and receive fast feed-back from the trainee. The scholar is thought how to learn, by adapting the available resources to its capacities and abilities, accustoming him/her to search, investigate, analyze and synthesize using precise algorithms rather than memorizing un-discernment information.