The High-School computerized distribution results were published on | SIVECO Romania

The High-School computerized distribution results were published on

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bucharest - 15th of July 2004 - Young pupils who aspire for a place in a high school faded away on the night of 8th when the ADLIC software application ran on for approximately 8 minutes and distributed the 192,742 applicants on 288,537 places in the high schools and professional schools all over the country.

The results were immediately published on, to the relief of the hundreds of thousands of pupils and parents. Same as last year, the percentage of pupils who couldn't be distributed was extremely low (2%), partly owed to the small number of options on the application form. These will have a second chance at the next computerized distribution session, starting July 11th, when they are required to fill in another application form, for the available places. The second distribution will take place on the 18th of July. After the first distribution, only 504 applicants remained undistributed in Bucharest, while there are still 5099 places available.

Applicants with access to the Internet waited anxiously on the forum of discussion for the results to be posted, commenting over their chances of being admitted to their favorite school, and debating with the forum's administrators who tried to make their excitement disappear.

According to the statistical reports generated by ADLIC, the most hunted area of expertise for the high school applicants is Math-IT in a foreign language (English). The leading high school in the top of the admission grade is one outside Bucharest: Carol I National College from Craiova, where the lowest admission grade was 9.84.

Dolj County is very well represented in this elite high schools top, another school being ranked third: National College "Fratii Buzesti", where the lowest entry grade for the Math-IT classes was 9.82.

Most wanted in Bucharest is the math-physics class in English in National College "Sfantul Sava", ranked fourth in the national top with 9.78 as the lowest admission grade.

On, part of people can find the final results and reports of the computerized distribution. The portal leads in the educational sites top, and ranks 3rd in the top-visited Romanian web sites. More than 30,000 people accessed from the results' posting time (July 9, 2:40 a.m.) until morning. More than 8 million pages have been served so far.