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Innovative solution of voice acoustic analysis and audio-visual checking of identity

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SIVECO Romania is partner in the Horizon 2020 Project - SpeechXRays and is in charge with biometric solution’s integration

10 leaders in digital security solutions from France, England, Greece, Estonia and Romania will implement an innovative solution for persons’ identification based on voice analysis and on the facial physical features (analysis of the face  and of the lips movement ).

Within the European research project Horizon 2020 SpeechXRays “Multi-channel biometrics combining acoustic and machine vision analysis of speech, lip movement and face”, SIVECO Romania is responsible for the integration of the biometric solution, with its inter-operability and portability.

The project will combine two techniques already validated: voice recognition by using the acoustic characteristics and not just existing static models and multi-channel biometric recognition incorporating also a component of dynamic facial recognition  through the automatic analysis of speech, lips movement and face. 

The technology will be tested by 2,000 users in 3 pilot locations from Romania and Greece, on three different fields: within an institution with high security requirements, in the medical field and in consumers’ domain as well.

The project will propose a new scientific approach of biometric voice data through research of the human voice’s physiology, which produces precise acoustic thresholds, unique for each individual in part. Within the project SpeechXRays stress will be laid especially on ensuring the confidentiality of the biometric data used.

“Horizon 2020 is the largest research & innovation program of the European Union, having as objective investment in products and services of novelty at European level, and not only, leading this way to many innovations, discoveries and world premieres. The SpeechXRays Project is an example regarding the development and use of innovative biometric solutions for ensuring security, with applicability in several fields having high security requirements. We may say that through such projects we wish to support the Strategy regarding cyber - security in the European Union, which aims that the European citizens and enterprises shall benefit at most of the digital technologies”, has declared Monica Florea, Manager of European Projects Department, SIVECO Romania.

The project will last for a period of 36 months and will be coordinated by Oberthur Technologies in France, while the consortium is formed of the following: Horowitz Biometrics in UK, SIVECO Romania, Tech Inspire from  UK, RealEyes in Estonia, Forthnet from Greece, National Institute for Research & Development for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Horia Hulubei in Romania, Foundation for Research and Technology in Greece, University College London, UK and  Institute Mines-Telecom/Telecom South Paris from France.