How to calculate and collect taxes fairly, quickly and securely? | SIVECO Romania

How to calculate and collect taxes fairly, quickly and securely?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SIVECO Romania proposes to local government a new way to streamline the business: iTAXCollect product, an integrated software solution that provides superior management of the collection of taxes and fees.

 iTAXCollect represents a complex information that serves the interests of both authorities and the interests of citizens.

iTAXCollect completely automates the process of calculating and updating the data on taxes and fees owed by citizens. The whole process is simplified and fluidized in the centralization of data and ensure a high level of security to them. The system supports the accuracy and uniqueness of the data, by simultaneously updating of calculation parameters depending on the changes occurring.

Application iTAXCollect contains two distinct components, interconnected: iTAXCollect Management System - product back-office for use in the directions of local taxes from local government, and TAXCollect Internet - the software designed for informing citizens via the internet or infochiosc, and make electronic payment.

 iTaxCollect application joins other solutions made by SIVECO Romania for public administration: SIVECO Business Analyzer, SIVADOC (Document Management), Farm Register, Infochiosc, SIVECO Portal.

"We know and comply with specific public institutions and are concerned about the development of customized applications for this sector of activity. Systems developed by SIVECO Romania offers to public administration a real support for decision-making processes, for improving service quality and contributing in a consistent, transparent communication way with citizens", said Lora Crusti, Vice Deputy President, Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.