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How can agricultural farms increase their profitability

Friday, January 22, 2016

Using IT-based solutions, the agricultural farms can reduce their costs and increase productivity

For any manager of an agricultural company managing land it is important to hold the control of their business. This can be done in the most efficient manner through quick access to relevant information for the decision making process. One of the immediate effects is represented by costs reduction, having direct implication on increasing the operations’ profitability.

SIVECO Romania meets these business requirements with a full, intuitive and efficient solution - the information system for the Management of Agricultural Farms – based on knowing the  problems the managers of these organizations are faced with, managing all the activities taking place in a small or large size farm. 

"In most of the farms in Romania, the situations related to the activity developed are not centralized or correlated. IT-based help is more than necessary. We have an extended experience in designing IT solutions for farmers and we know which the needs of farms’ owners are. We are sure that our IT-based solution for the Management of Agricultural Farms brings added value to all those who will use it", says Gabriel Lospa, Manager of eAgriculture department within SIVECO Romania.

Here are a few of the main advantages the farmers are benefiting from through implementing the system for the Management of Agricultural Farms:

  • Knowing, in real time, the situation of agricultural works, including under the map form.
  • Knowledge and analysis of the history of crops, used resources and the results obtained.
  • Control of all kinds of consumption – seeds, materials, fuel, man labor etc.
  • Generating the plan for crops’ rotation.
  • Usage of theme maps: maps with performed works, multi-annual maps with crops  achieved and fertilizing carried out, maps of the expenses incurred etc.
  • Determining the profit at the level of parcel of per type of crop.
  • Integrated, flexible, scalable and robust system.
  • Eliminating human errors.
  • Capacity of processing large quantities of information.
  • Proactive decisions through quick access to the latest information.

It is noteworthy to mention that farmers can have access at any moment to information regarding the efficiency of each agricultural crop, and the status of agricultural machinery through accessing the application from mobile phone or tablet. Thus, they can solve in timely manner any situation occurred.

More than that, the system ensures the management of land owners, of the lease contracts and the afferent payments, management of raw materials, auxiliary materials and products stocks, management of actual consumption of raw materials, labor, and management of costs with agricultural equipment.

The solution does not require advanced informatics knowledge, being easy to use as it has an intuitive interface.

The farmers benefit from training for solution use and support from the SIVECO Romania specialists team.