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How can companies generate easily the single fiscal Declaration D 112

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Payroll Management Component from the information package SIVECO Applications 2011 ensures automatic data upload from own databases directly into the form structure

Bucharest, 18th of February 2011 - SIVECO Romania supports the companies that are obliged this year to submit the fiscal declaration D 112 at the Fiscal administration. The Component of Payroll and Human Resources Management can generate declaration D 112 regarding the payment obligations for social contributions, the income tax and the nominal record of insured persons. With help of this IT instrument, the data from own company's databases are uploaded in the XML form's structure.

"The Tools module from the Payroll Management Component contains all the options for generating the declarations and reports ante and post-calculation. The payroll calculation is concluded with generation of the single declaration on the payment obligations and generating the accounting notes. For declarations are generated files in the format specified by the legislation, while the accounting, financial or cost control notes can be generated either in the component of Financial - Accounting Management, or in a text file with a well defined format. The application contains an extended set of reports that can be adapted according to requirements specific to the company. The XML file with fixed structure cumulates data from the system for Declaration 112, a file that can be checked with help of the assistance programs provided by the Ministry of Public Finances", has stated Gabriela Ichim, Product Manager, SIVECO Romania.

This way, companies can obtain the integrated management of all the information of interest referring to employees, transparent integration of the new systems with the ones in current use, reducing time for calculation of salary entitlements, performing all the calculus in conformity to the legislation in force and recording any modification without affecting the previous months.

For the obligations afferent to January 2011, the declaration D 112 is submitted by February 25, 2011.