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How can companies reduce repairs expenses

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing IT to maintenance ensures an increase of the final users' output by over 50%

Bucharest, August 25th, 2010 - Every company looks now for solutions to reduce expenditure with repairs and maintenance, both the planned and the accidental ones. Practice has shown that significant reduction of the expenses caused by accidental repairs becomes possible with help of a high performing integrated information system.

The Maintenance Management Component within the Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2011 is designed and developed by SIVECO Romania so that to contribute to reducing the number and the gravity of the fixed assets' failures and breakdowns.

To reach this goal, the system ensures the monitoring of the fixed assets' behavior in time, recording the failures and their causes, identifying repeated malfunctions, of those caused by using poor quality spare parts and materials, improving the processing of the maintenance works, reducing unused inventory, reducing the repair waiting time due to lack of spare parts a.o.

The component ensures also calculation of the indicators significant for the efficiency of maintenance activities, such as Mean Time Between Failures, Mean Repair Time, Mean Time to Failure, average downtime, evolution of accidental repairs' costs against total maintenance costs, defects analysis based on the causes that produced them a.o.

"SIVECO Romania provides not only the implementation of a software product but also involvement in defining and carrying out that model of maintenance that would bring maximum of benefits. Usage of the Maintenance Management Component provides significant advantages the managers will know to appreciate, given that the rate of expenses with unplanned repairs is still very high. Practically, the implementation and correct use of this component leads to reducing unused inventory by almost 20%, the number of accidental breakdowns by over 30%, the repairs duration by 5 - 10%. Another major benefit is the spectacular increase of the system final users' output (productivity) by over 50%", says Sorin Dimofte, Director Implementation SIVECO Applications 2011, within SIVECO Romania.