How can employees determine the success of your business? | SIVECO Romania

How can employees determine the success of your business?

Friday, December 18, 2015

The AeL training platform developed by SIVECO Romania, contributes to increasing the employees’ performance and the efficiency of companies in any industry

The human resources specialists say the employees’ performance and motivation has increased since they are using AeL, the online employees training platform, from SIVECO. This provides flexibility, a customized environment and fast information transfer, at lower costs than in case of traditional training.

The HR professionals give a few useful tips to whoever wants to adopt such a platform in their company:

  1. Combine traditional training with online training (blended learning). Currently, the degree of training and employees’ professionalism has become a company’s key differentiator. But employees’ improvement brings about costly investments: very large budgets, removing employees from production, sometimes for full days, their transport to the training rooms, hiring of equipments, rooms, and trainees and many other details that have to be solved. These issues have still an affordable solution (ready at hand): online training. For the employees, online training means learning more, in shorter time. For the company, it means reducing costs, given the fact that employees can learn anytime, from anywhere, as accessing courses can be done easily, online. And mixing the two training modalities can bring inherent benefits. The AeL training platform developed by SIVECO, is used in many Romanian companies as part of a training strategy of type “blended learning”.
  2. Ensure a practical training for the employees (hands-on training).. Training using practical applications is very useful, as it allows your employees to test the information acquired and just subsequently to apply it in day- to- day activities. Interactive courses are very helpful in this case. Digital simulations offer learners the opportunity to simulate fulfillment of work tasks, without worrying about possible mistakes that might cause serious problems, such as breakdown/ malfunction of expensive equipment. Within the platform, the employees may go through a series of courses, and afterwards they will complete their knowledge through traditional training sessions, applied workshops or practical testing.
  3. Allow your employees to learn at their own pace. Each employee learns at his/her own pace, some are absorbing information faster, while others need more time to go deeper into a specific subject. Unfortunately, many companies do not take this aspect into account when they plan the trainings. Many times employees are forced to move on through the subjects that they did not understand or have not exercised enough and thus towards the end of the course they will not understand much. Obviously, from the pedagogical point of view, training is a failure in this case. Based on the newest teaching principles and technologies, the AeL platform provides maximal flexibility as regards the learning process. It allows for individual learning, where each employee can go through the course at his/her own pace, being able to dedicate as much time as needed in order to acquire certain skills. The employees can communicate with the trainee and with colleagues on the forum dedicated to the respective course and can address questions or learn from the answers posted on the forum.

The AeL online training platform, developed by SIVECO is a true digital „trainer”, ensuring improvement, evaluation and management of employees’ training, in a secured environment. The platform can be used in the system Software as a Service (Seas), in Cloud, helping this way to diminishing costs associated to employees’ training, within any company.