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How can improve water and sewerage services

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

With the new “Asset Management” component of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2020, the Water and Sewerage regional operators can efficiently manage their material and financial resources

Efficient management of resources requires a coherent asset management plan. The water and sewerage companies have from now on at their disposal a dedicated IT system helping them to plan capital investments, to obtain a clear image on the asset characteristics and a calendar of the re-technologizing program. All these advantages will improve the services that are offered to customers from all over the country.

Water and sewerage operators are in a transformation period; the regional approach, important investments in infrastructure through POS Environment (Mediu) projects impose a modern, efficient management, based on the best quality information, existent in real time and accessed directly by managers. This kind of information is offered by the SIVECO Applications 2020 integrated information system, in the commercial as well as in the economic area. Specific for the technical and operational area the system was completed with the Asset Management component. This component is centered on the repair and maintenance management, offering also the possibility to plan the re-technologizing and investments of capital.

The application provides a series of data and specific nomenclatures: usage degree nomenclature, probability of failure nomenclature, impact of failure nomenclature, types of services nomenclature, process nomenclature, family asset nomenclature etc.

At the same time the Asset Management module contains precise information regarding the estimated life span of assets, the use degree, the usage degree, failure probability, failure impact, criticality coefficient, constructive structure, functional structure, spare parts specifications, technical characteristics of assets and their components.

"The existence of such components in the integrated system provides a consistent IT support to the actual activities sustained by the Water and Sewerage Operators from Romania, for providing high end quality services, for high performing management of facilities, for constant improving the customer relations", said Lacramioara Barseti, Manager of SIVECO Applications Department.