How can IT help the players in the retail market? | SIVECO Romania

How can IT help the players in the retail market?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SIVECO Applications 2020 is a management solution contributing to improving the work processes and to increasing retail sales

Retail is one of the most competitive markets everywhere in the world. This characteristic calls for a high adjustment and capacity of reaction to the fast changing of the buyers ‘ numerous and more and more sophisticated requirements.

The diversity of distribution and communication channels, changing the customers’ preferences and the customers’ requests amplifies the difficulties in an already difficult environment, in which, in order to survive, retailers have to make a profit.

IT comes to support the traders/merchants in order to meet the customers’ requirements more promptly and efficiently, both through continuous improvement of the services provided, and also by reducing costs and optimizing workflows.

It is a proven fact that, to a large extent, a company’s capacity to react to change and to adjust to the new conditions of activity is also related to its IT infrastructure, the IT solutions being vital for increasing the efficiency and profitability and for ensuring customers and suppliers’ loyalty.

The solutions for retail are part of the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2020, a system adjusted to the current requirements of the market in Romania, practically the most known Romanian ERP.

The package of IT solutions for retailers of SIVECO Romania includes a full set of components out of which, some, are extremely specialized:

  1. The component Sales Management ensures monitoring all the operations performed on the products acquired, management of the sales agents’ activities, the management of the calculus formula for the delivery price and provides the commercial and financial analysis of the customers.

  2. The component for the Warehouses Management ensures optimization of stocks and flows in a warehouse.

  3. The Cashier register Component ensures the control of stocks in every shop, automatic inventory taking and quick changing of the VAT rate and real time transactions’ processing.

  4. Fixed Assets Management ensures the fixed assets management for the entire period of use, from their acquiring and registration until these are taken out of operation, as well as automatic registration in the financial- accounting department of the depreciation expenses.

  5. Transport Management creates an archive regarding the transportation means’ documents, manages the travel log and defines the specific quotients.

"The IT package for the retail industry was carried out by SIVECO Romania after careful analysis of the problems existing on this market. Thus, while lacking a performing information system, we have noticed how many errors may occur, having direct, negative impact over the services provided to customers. And, the customers’ satisfaction is vital for the business development and for improving the reputation of any merchant. We wish to provide this IT-based support, easy to implement and to use, that will help retail companies to manage their business efficiently. And here we think equally to large companies, belonging to major distribution chains, but also to the small, independent ones”, states Stefanita Ghita, development manager of SIVECO Applications department.