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How can sanitation companies provide better services to customers?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011 ensures increased efficiency of activities of household waste collection.

Bucharest, 21th of April 2010 - Can sanitation company with thousands of subscribers to provide customers with quality services, to monitor expenses anytime and to increase its revenue collection? The answer is yes. Adopting high performing IT solutions brings relevant and measurable advantages.

The integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011, from SIVECO Romania, ensures efficient management of the activity for companies active in the field of collection, transport and storage of garbage (domestic waste), of recyclable garbage, of street cleaning, maintenance of verdure spots, disinfection and dezinsectization.

The companies implementing the integrated information package of SIVECO Romania benefit from important advantages. Practically, the system allows the planning, execution and analysis of activities developed within a company, from the registration of primary data up to complex analyses used in the decision making process. The key module, specially designed by SIVECO Romania within the sanitation solution is the component of Billing Management.

The advantages of this module are: the record of a large number of customers and of the afferent contracts that can reach the level of hundreds of thousands, record of containers existing at the customers, establishing the routes and reallotment of unperformed locations, management of confirmation notes, automatic billing of the contracted services, management of the quantities and values planned and carried out per sectors (domestic /street /verdure spots), management of the facilities granted for timely payment of bills, record of debtors and petitions, monitoring the quantities and values planned and carried out, automatic generation of advance payment bills and of the afferent advances, deriving of an IT based accounting archive on the issued bills and the monthly centralizing reports.

All these advantages increase the efficiency of the operational flow and bring transparency to the relationship between serviced subscribers and the utilities supplier.

The maintenance of the cars stock represents a challenge for any sanitation company, this is why the integrated solution SIVECO Romania includes a component dedicated to maintenance. With its help, the company gets important benefits: reducing the costs of repairs, reduction of tires consumption, increasing the availability of the cars stock for the basic activities, improvement of monitoring all kinds of maturities a.o.

"Anticipating the current requirements in the sector, the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011 provides extra value to utilities companies, contributing to increasing their performance and to meeting the more and more strict and diversified requirements of the customers - as public utilities consumers", said Ghenadie Gandrabura, Utilities Vertical Manager within SIVECO Romania.