How can the effectiveness of management decisions be increased? | SIVECO Romania

How can the effectiveness of management decisions be increased?

Monday, March 30, 2015

SIVECO Business Intelligence solution helps small and medium enterprises in their planning, monitoring, controlling and forecasting of activities

A well informed manager can make the right decisions and thus increasing the competitiveness of his/her company. With the SIVECO Business Intelligence solution - IT Management System (SIM), from SIVECO Romania, the company’s activities are monitored and correlated, while data processing is made in real time.

The solution supports the decision making process in the planning, monitoring, controlling and forecasting activities. Informational support facilitates the adoption of cost control strategies and identifying the sources of income increase.

Representations of the requested analyses – for example: groups of specific analysis indicators – decision making support, dynamic reports, synthetic or detailed analyses, analysis based on historical data, current and predictive, “What if…” types of analysis – are presented under graphic and table form, making it easy to manage and to customize. Support data for indicators are found in the IT systems of the company, represented through different sources that will be integrated by modeling them at the BI (Business Intelligence) Server level. The solution allows replacing in the near future a data source with another one that offers support for indicators. The replacement is made at business model level, without having any impact over final users or on reports defined in the analysis system.

“In time, small and medium companies gather data that becomes hard to transform into useful information. SIVECO Business Intelligence acts like an integrator for all existing data. A manager should be able to evaluate not just the global performance of a company, but also those that are broken down per regions, time intervals, clients, services, products, in one or more currencies. That is why, economic environment’s analysis are multidimensional, while the limitations enforced by the classic bi-dimensional instruments for reporting are eliminated”, said Lacramioara Barseti, SIVECO Applications Department Director.

With SIVECO Business Intelligence you can visualize at any moment the regions having problems inside the company’s activities and you can discover the causes. The user can decide which data to select, by what criteria to analyze them and in what form to display them on the screen, as well as to determine what users should have access to these analyses.

SIVECO Romania has implemented the SIVECO Business Intelligence solution in production companies, oil and gas companies, utility companies, transport, health, agriculture, customs administration, public administration, but also at SMEs.