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How can we reduce paper consumption by 30%

Friday, May 14, 2010

SIVADOC solution of documents and workflow management increases efficiency of the expenses in public institutions.

Bucharest, 14th of May 2010 - According to market research companies, 80% of the employees spend an average 30 minutes per day searching information, while 60% consume one hour or more recreating documents that already exist. By using an IT based solution for documents, the degree of improving the activity increases by at least 50%, while documents approval reduces from weeks to hours.

These arguments support the change of the traditional way of working with a modern one, more efficient, transparent and much cheaper.

Besides, the private companies, for which efficiency is a vital condition for competitiveness, have quickly understood the importance of IT based management of documents and workflows and have adopted it. This decision can bring consistent benefits also to state institutions, mostly when they have to dramatically reduce their costs.

Ionut Arsene, Project Manager SIVADOC within SIVECO Romania, says: "The Document Management Solution SIVADOC from SIVECO Romania ensures the reduction by at least 30% of the paper consumption as a result of the circulation and storage of documents between departments in electronic format. The documents do not get lost anymore as they are stored electronically, the deadlines for solving or for their transmission are respected, and data redundancy is avoided, while the management becomes more efficient. Last but not least, introducing IT means order, reducing wastefulness, an efficient manner of work, as well as transparency and promptness in the relationship with the citizens. The savings obtained by using the system brings significant diminishing of expenses to public institutions, covering investment abundantly and very quickly."

Private organizations that have implemented the SIVADOC solution have registered a reduction by 15% of the costs with documents and by 45% of the time allocated to the management for the papers' control and approval. Moreover, the companies using this solution contribute to a responsible consumption of resources, proving they are interested in environment protection.

SIVADOC solution is part of the information package SIVECO Applications 2011, launched by SIVECO Romania in 2009.